C3399 - Certificate III in Science

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RMIT program code: C3399
Plan name: Certificate III in Science
Plan code: C3399
National Program Code: 22441VIC
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: One semester
Minimum Nominal Hours: 440

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2018 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

C3399 Courses

A total of 11 courses (units) to be successfully completed with a class section code of SM18.

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C3399 Courses

Students commencing in July, 2018 are encouraged to attend the scheduled Enrolment Information Session prior to enrolling into classes.

Select six core courses and five elective courses.(Total of 11 Courses)

** If you select MATH7081 (Solve Mathematical Problems) as an elective, you do not need to enrol into the core course MATH7080 (Work with Mathematical Techniques). Once successfully completed, you will receive credit for this core course. If you enrol into MATH7081, you must select 1 additional elective to ensure a total of 11 courses overall.

C3399 Core Units - Select ALL Six (6) Courses
Course TitleNominal HoursPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Conduct and present simple scientific research (VU22065)20GEDU6133City Campus4783(SC18)3485(SM18)
Develop study skills for science (VU22066)30GEDU6134City Campus4784(SC18)3486(SM18)
Contribute to health and safety of self and others (BSBWHS201)20OHTH5979CCity Campus4785(SC18)3487(SM18)
Work with mathematical techniques (VU22067)100MATH7080City Campus4780(TS1A)
Engage with texts of limited complexity for learning purposes (VU21326)25GEDU6135City Campus4787(SC18)3490(SM18)
Create texts of limited complexity for learning purposes (VU21330)25GEDU6136City Campus4788(SC18)3491(SM18)
C3399 Elective Units - Select Five (5) Courses
Course TitleNominal HoursPrereqs/ CoreqsCourse CodeCampusSemester 1 ClassSemester 2 Class
Perform microscopic examination (MSL973007)40BIOL5228CCity Campus1281(BT18)
Examine concepts in biology (VU22068)50BIOL5238City Campus4790(SC18)3493(SM18)
Examine concepts in chemistry (VU22069)50CHEM5030City Campus4791(SC18)3494(SM18)
Examine concepts in physics (VU22070)50PHYS5002City Campus4792(SC18)
Investigate atomic structure and bonding (VU22076)50CHEM5031City Campus4793(SC18)3496(SM18)
Use, communicate and search securely on the internet (ICTICT103)50OFFC5332CCity Campus4794(SC18)3497(SM18)
Use a range of techniques to solve mathematical problems (VU22074)110MATH7081City Campus4781(TS1A)

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Program structure enquiries

Namrita Kaul
Program Coordinator
School of Vocational Engineering, Health and Sciences
Building 51, Level 04, Room 01
80 Victoria Street, Carlton South VIC 3053
Tel: +61 3 9925 4837
Email: namrita.kaul@rmit.edu.au

Enrolment enquiries can be submitted via the RMIT Student Connect Portal
Tel: +61 3 9925 5000


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