C4374 - Certificate IV in Screen and Media

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RMIT program code: C4374
Plan name: Certificate IV in Screen and Media
Plan code: C4374
National Program Code: CUA41215
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: 1 Year
Minimum Nominal Hours: 905

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2021 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of 13 units - 3 core units and 10 elective units.

   C4374 Courses

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Certificate IV in Screen and Media - Program code C4374 - Enrolment Program Structure 

Note: All courses listed may not be available each semester. 

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C4374 Courses

Commencing students 

If you are a commencing student, please follow the guidelines below. You need to make sure you choose classes that do not happen at the same time as each other. If you choose classes from more than one group/class section, check the timetable prior to classes starting to make sure you do not have a timetable clash. 

If you are a commencing student and you need to repeat any course, please seek academic advice from your Program Manager/Program Coordinator before you re-enrol. 


Commenced February 2021 

If you commenced your program in February 2021, you will need to enrol in one of the following Groups/Class Sections. Make sure that every class you enrol into has the correct Group/Class Section code. 

TV1A (and either TV1B or TV1C - for some classes only) for Semester 1 & Semester 2


If you can’t see the courses that you should be selecting, please contact VE Connect via the RMIT Student Connect portal

Important: An incorrect enrolment can prevent you from completing the program's requirements and graduating. 


Credit transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 

If you have any enquiries regarding credit or recognition of prior learning towards your program from an external training organisation please go to the RMIT Apply for Credit web page for instructions, information, and how to apply. 

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Why can’t I see the timetable? 

If you cannot see your courses in the timetable, then it is not yet available. If your courses were preselected for you then please be assured that your classes will not clash. 

My courses weren’t preselected for me. How do I make sure they don’t clash? 

If your courses have not been preselected for you in Enrolment Online, please carefully follow the instructions above and choose classes from the correct Class Section code to ensure you don't have any clashes. If you are repeating any classes, follow instructions from your Program Manager/Program Coordinator regarding which classes to enrol in to. 

I have accidentally enrolled in classes that clash – what do I do? 

Please check your timetable again at least two weeks before the start of your classes. If you find that any of your classes clash, you will need to drop the incorrect class and enrol in a replacement class. Please contact your Program Manager/Program Coordinator to confirm which classes to drop and add. 

C4374 Core Units - Select ALL Three Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Investigate micro business opportunities (BSBSMB301) 30 BUSM8788C City Campus 2757 (TV1A)
Articulate, present and debate ideas (BSBCRT401) 40 COMM7340C City Campus 3119 (TV1A)
Apply work health and safety practices (CUAWHS302) 10 OHTH5959C City Campus 3121 (TV1A)

C4374 Elective Units - Select Ten (10) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Realise productions (CUAPPM502) 250 PERF5087C City Campus 3129 (TV1A)
Manage bump in and bump out of shows (CUAPPM504) 150 BUSM7908C City Campus 3117 (TV1A)
4014 (XXXX)
4015 (LP2B)
Create digital visual effects (CUAANM402) 70 VART6423C City Campus 3130 (TV1A)
3131 (TV1B)
3132 (TV1C)
Implement lighting designs (CUALGT402) 50 PERF5088C City Campus 3133 (TV1A)
Vision mix television productions (CUABRD402) 50 VART6385C City Campus 3997 (XXXX)
3998 (XXX1)
4694 (LP1A)
4695 (LP1B)
1645 (SM1A)
1646 (SM1B)
1647 (SM1L)
2756 (TV1A)
Shoot screen content in a multi-camera environment (CUACAM402) 60 VART6424C City Campus 3134 (TV1A)
Perform basic vision and sound editing (CUAPOS201) 40 VART6425C City Campus 2760 (TV1A)
2761 (TV1B)
2764 (TV1C)
Shoot material for screen productions (CUACAM301) 60 VART6426C City Campus 2765 (TV1A)
Perform primary and secondary colour correction (CUAPOS502) 60 VART6427C City Campus 2766 (TV1A)
2767 (TV1B)
2768 (TV1C)
Record sound on location (CUASOU410) 35 VART6428C City Campus 3138 (TV1A)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries

Rowan Humphrey 

Program Coordinator 

Telephone: +61 3 9925 4842 

Email: rowan.humphrey@rmit.edu.au 

Creative Industries cluster 

College of Vocational Education  



Submit an enrolment enquiry via login to the RMIT Student Connect Portal  

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