C5314 - Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

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RMIT program code: C5314
Plan name: Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing
Plan code: C5314
National Program Code: 22091VIC
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: 1 year
Minimum Nominal Hours: 640

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2019 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of 13 units

  C5314 Courses

Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing section code is: (BUS1)

This section code relates to the group you are allocated into by program staff and you will need the correct code before you enrol.

An incorrect enrolment can prevent you from meeting the program's requirements and graduating.

Do not enrol into any other section code (eg. DI1A or SP1B etc)


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C5314 Courses

C5314 Units - Select ALL Thirteen (13) Courses. Note: Course 048287-ICAWEB420A is included for historical enrolments and is no longer delivered.

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Manage projects (BSBPMG510A)60BUSM6223CCity Campus1340 (BUS1)
Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge (CUFIND201A)20EMPL5645CCity Campus3805 (BUS)
Provide services on a freelance basis (CUFIND401A)30YesPERF5075CCity Campus1385 (BUS1)
Write extended stories (CUFWRT402A)40COMM5911CCity Campus1341 (BUS1)
Write non-fiction (VU20276)50COMM7306City Campus1386 (BUS1)
Refine writing skills (VU20277)120YesCOMM7305City Campus1389 (BUS1)1345 (BUS1)
Refine editing skills (VU20278)120COMM7307City Campus1390 (BUS1)1346 (BUS1)
Conduct research (CUFRES401A)30COMM5916CCity Campus1342 (BUS1)
Write content for a range of media (CUFWRT301A)40COMM7310CCity Campus1387 (BUS1)
Interpret and respond to a design brief (BSBDES402A)20YesBUSM5879CCity Campus1383 (BUS1)
Produce complex desktop published documents (BSBITU404A)50COSC6084CCity Campus1344 (BUS1)
Produce and prepare photo images (CUFDIG303A)20VART5969CCity Campus1343 (BUS1)
Write content for web pages (ICAWEB420A)40COSC6137CCity Campus1388 (BUS1)

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