C5357 - Diploma of Remedial Massage

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RMIT program code: C5357
Plan name: Diploma of Remedial Massage
Plan code: C5357
National Program Code: HLT52015
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: 18 months
Minimum Nominal Hours: 1743

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2019 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

  C5357 Courses

16 Core Units and 5 Elective Units with specific section code instructions, see below. 

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C5357 Courses

Commencing February 2019

If you are commencing your program in February 2019, you have been allocated into one of the following class sections:


Commencing July 2019

If you are commencing your program in July 2019, you have been allocated into the following class section:



Continuing Students

Commenced July 2018

If you commenced the program in July 2018 and are returning to study in February 2019, you will be allocated into the following class section:



Commenced February 2018

If you commenced the program in February 2018 and are returning to study in February 2019, you will be allocated into the following class section:



Repeating Courses

If you are repeating any courses please seek academic advice from the Program Coordinator:


Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have any enquires regarding credit or recognition of prior learning towards your program from an external training organisation please go to the following website for instructions on how to apply: Apply for Credit


If you require academic advice please contact your Program Coordinator, Joshua Davies, at joshua.davies@rmit.edu.au or on 9925 4333.

C5357 Core Units - Select ALL Sixteen (16) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Establish and manage client relationships (CHCCOM006)35YesEMPL7093CCity Campus3278 (D19A)
3279 (D19B)
3280 (D19C)
2650 (D19J)
Work with diverse people (CHCDIV001)40EMPL7092CCity Campus2142 (C19A)
2841 (C19B)
3272 (D19A)
3273 (D19B)
3274 (D19C)
3434 (A19B)
3437 (A19A)
3989 (A19C)
4743 (FT1A)
4757 (FT1B)
1591 (FT19)
2341 (C19M)
2648 (D19J)
3462 (DR03)
Manage legal and ethical compliance (CHCLEG003)80JUST5756CCity Campus3287 (D19A)
3288 (D19B)
3289 (D19C)
3391 (A19A)
3392 (A19B)
3990 (A19C)
2653 (D19J)
Reflect on and improve own professional practice (CHCPRP003)120YesEMPL7094CCity Campus2135 (C18M)
3281 (D19A)
3282 (D19B)
3283 (D19C)
2325 (C19A)
2335 (C19B)
2651 (D19J)
Engage with health professionals and the health system (CHCPRP005)40YesEMPL7095CCity Campus3284 (D19A)
3285 (D19B)
3286 (D19C)
2652 (D19J)
Analyse and respond to client health information (HLTAAP003)60YesNURS5359CCity Campus1931 (C18B)
2130 (C18A)
3255 (D18J)
1753 (C18M)
2637 (D19A)
2638 (D19B)
2639 (D19C)
Provide first aid (HLTAID003)18YesOHTH5899CCity Campus4744 (FT1A)
4760 (FT1)
Manage the prevention and control of infection (HLTINF004)50YesNURS5360CCity Campus3257 (D19B)
3258 (D19C)
3259 (D19A)
2643 (D19J)
Develop massage practice (HLTMSG001)40YesEMPL7096CCity Campus3263 (D19A)
3264 (D19B)
3265 (D19C)
2645 (D19J)
Assess client massage needs (HLTMSG002)150YesNURS5361CCity Campus3266 (D19A)
3267 (D19B)
3268 (D19C)
2646 (D19J)
Perform remedial massage musculoskeletal assessments (HLTMSG003)240YesSPRT5102CCity Campus3252 (D18J)2627 (D19A)
2628 (D19B)
2629 (D19C)
Provide massage treatments (HLTMSG004)150YesSPRT5103CCity Campus3269 (D19A)
3270 (D19B)
3271 (D19C)
2647 (D19J)
Provide remedial massage treatments (HLTMSG005)240YesSPRT5104CCity Campus3253 (D18J)2631 (D19A)
2632 (D19B)
2633 (D19C)
Adapt remedial massage treatments to meet specific needs (HLTMSG006)120SPRT5105CCity Campus3248 (D18F)2620 (D18J)
Monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments (HLTMSG008)30YesSPRT5106CCity Campus3254 (D18J)2634 (D19A)
2635 (D19B)
2636 (D19C)
Manage work health and safety (HLTWHS004)40YesOHTH5909CCity Campus3260 (D19A)
3261 (D19B)
3262 (D19C)
2644 (D19J)

C5357 Elective Units - Select Five (5) Courses. NB: Course 051427-SISFFIT018 is included for historical enrolments and is no longer delivered.

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Monitor and manage small business operations (BSBSMB405)45BUSM7985CCity Campus3250 (D18F)2622 (D18J)
Address the needs of people with chronic disease (CHCCCS001)75SPRT5107CCity Campus3249 (D18F)2621 (D18J)
Respond effectively to behaviours of concern (CHCCCS020)20HWSS6123CCity Campus4793 (D18F)
Confirm physical health status (HLTAAP002)90NURS5362CCity Campus2140 (C19A)
2836 (C19B)
3275 (D19A)
3276 (D19B)
3277 (D19C)
3401 (A19A)
3402 (A19B)
3992 (A19C)
2339 (C19M)
2649 (D19J)
Adapt remedial massage practice for athletes (HLTMSG007)60SPRT5109CCity Campus3256 (D18J)2640 (D19A)
2641 (D19B)
2642 (D19C)
Promote functional movement capacity (SISFFIT018)30SPRT5108CCity Campus2623 (D18J)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries

Joshua Davies

Program Coordinator
School of Vocational Engineering, Health and Sciences

Building 51 Level 7
80 Victoria Street
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Tel: +61 3 9925 4333

Email: joshua.davies@rmit.edu.au


Academic Services

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