C5358 - Diploma of Business

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RMIT program code: C5358
Plan name: Diploma of Business
Plan code: C5358
National Program Code: BSB50215
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: One Year (two semesters)
Minimum Nominal Hours: 440

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2019 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

  C5358 Courses

Completion of eight (8) courses over two semesters.

Variations to standard enrolment

The program structure in this guide is based on a standard enrolment, and standard progression through the course. Your personal enrolment requirements may differ from the standard enrolment as a result of credit transfers, recognition of prior learning (RPL), or the need to repeat a course.




IMPORTANT FOR COMMENCING STUDENTS: In order for you to enrol successfully, classes should be allocated for you before you log in to enrol. If the below classes are not already allocated (ie with a 'tick' in the check boxes against each class) then please contact RMIT Connect or visit Business Central (80.07) so that your classes can be correctly assigned.

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C5358 Courses


Please note:  All of your required courses are pre-selected by the College -  please ensure you enrol into every course listed so as to receive a final grade.  


Co-delivered or clustered courses:  Please be aware that some courses are taught together in the one class; these are called clustered or co-delivered courses.   An example of a clustered or co-delivered course are Establish and adjust the marketing mix AND Analyse consumer behaviour.

Please be aware that for courses delivered at the same time in the same classroom (co-delivered) only one will appear on your timetable. Please read your timetable carefully.


Group codes:  Group codes are allocated to you by the College.  Changes to these codes will only be approved in special circumstances.  If you believe you have special circumstance, you must seek written approval from your Program Manager.  This approval must be submitted via the RMIT Connect student portal.


Repeating courses: If you are required to repeat courses in a semester you must seek advice from your Program Manager as to whether you are permitted to overload.  You must then submit this written approval via the Student Portal through RMIT Connect.

Reduced enrolment load

If you are undertaking a reduced load (for example, if you are studying part time), please ensure that the courses that you enrol into are not part of a cluster or co-delivery group. The program guide will show you which courses are clustered or co-delivered. You can find these here.


For further information on your program structure, you can view your program guide For any assistance please contact Business Connect via RMIT Connect.

C5358 Elective Units - Select ALL Eight (8) Courses. Note: Course 051127-BSBMKG402 is included for historical enrolments and is no longer delivered.

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Manage meetings (BSBADM502)30BUSM7932CCity Campus2338 (BA5M)
2339 (DB5M)
2388 (DB5Y)
2483 (DB5A)
2484 (DB5B)
2485 (DB5C)
2486 (DB5D)
2487 (DB5E)
2488 (DB5F)
2489 (DB5G)
2497 (BA5A)
2498 (BA5B)
3069 (DB5H)
Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness (BSBLED502)60BUSM7987CCity Campus2344 (DB5A)
2345 (DB5B)
2346 (DB5C)
2347 (DB5D)
2348 (DB5E)
2349 (DB5F)
2350 (DB5G)
3857 (BD5H)
2300 (DB5M)
2457 (DB5Y)
2458 (DB5Z)
Establish and adjust the marketing mix (BSBMKG502)60MKTG7886CCity Campus2358 (DB5A)
2359 (DB5B)
2360 (DB5C)
2361 (DB5D)
2362 (DB5E)
2363 (DB5F)
2364 (DB5G)
2598 (LM5A)
2599 (LM5B)
2926 (MC4A)
2927 (MC4B)
2928 (MC4C)
2929 (MC4D)
2930 (MC4E)
2931 (MC4F)
3859 (DB5H)
2384 (MC4M)
2385 (MC4Y)
2462 (DB5M)
2463 (DB5Y)
2464 (DB5Z)
3092 (LM5M)
Undertake project work (BSBPMG522)60BUSM7931CCity Campus2332 (BA5A)
2333 (BA5B)
2389 (DB5M)
2390 (DB5Y)
2984 (MC5A)
2985 (MC5B)
2093 (LM5A)
2094 (LM5B)
2422 (MC5M)
2423 (MC5Y)
2424 (MC5X)
2425 (MC5Z)
2490 (DB5A)
2491 (DB5B)
2492 (DB5C)
2493 (DB5D)
2494 (DB5E)
2495 (DB5F)
2496 (DB5G)
2513 (BA5M)
2514 (BA5Y)
3070 (DB5H)
Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability (BSBSUS501)50BUSM7938CCity Campus2380 (DB5M)
2381 (DB5Y)
2480 (IT5A)
2481 (IT5B)
2482 (IT5C)
2483 (IT5D)
2484 (IT5E)
2485 (IT5F)
3011 (MC6A)
3012 (MC6B)
3013 (MC6C)
3014 (MC6D)
3861 (IT5G)
2156 (IT5M)
2157 (IT5Y)
2158 (IT5Z)
2469 (DB5A)
2470 (DB5B)
2471 (DB5C)
2472 (DB5D)
2473 (DB5E)
2474 (DB5F)
2475 (DB5G)
3067 (DB5H)
3132 (MC6M)
3133 (MC6Y)
Manage risk (BSBRSK501)60BUSM7928CCity Campus2384 (DB5M)
2385 (DB5Y)
2743 (LO5M)
3984 (LO5A)
3985 (LO5B)
2476 (DB5A)
2477 (DB5B)
2478 (DB5C)
2479 (DB5D)
2480 (DB5E)
2481 (DB5F)
2482 (DB5G)
3068 (DB5H)
Develop and use emotional intelligence (BSBLDR501)60EMPL7070CCity Campus2351 (DB5A)
2352 (DB5B)
2353 (DB5C)
2354 (DB5D)
2355 (DB5E)
2356 (DB5F)
2357 (DB5G)
2706 (LM5A)
2707 (LM5B)
3858 (DB5H)
2459 (DB5M)
2460 (DB5Y)
2461 (DB5Z)
3094 (LM5M)
Analyse consumer behaviour (BSBMKG419)60MKTG7976CCity Campus2365 (DB5A)
2366 (DB5B)
2367 (DB5C)
2368 (DB5D)
2369 (DB5E)
2370 (DB5F)
2371 (DB5G)
2950 (MC4A)
2951 (MC4B)
2952 (MC4C)
2953 (MC4D)
2954 (MC4E)
2955 (MC4F)
3860 (DB5H)
2388 (MC4M)
2389 (MC4Y)
2466 (DB5M)
2467 (DB5Y)
2468 (DB5Z)

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Program structure enquiries

Business Central via RMIT Connect or Text BC80 to 0477 444 555 to join the queue at Business Central, Building 80, Level 7, 445 Swanston street.  


Please go to the Class timetables web page to access timetabling information.


Material fees

Some courses and programs have material fees (fees for field trips, goods or services) associated with them. In most cases these charges are not compulsory, but are levied by the teaching school for materials they purchase on your behalf for use in your studies. Go to the Material Fees web page to check the material fees for your program and courses.


For more information about enrolment at RMIT University, please go to the Enrolment home page.

*Semester 1 classes generally commence in February and Semester 2 classes generally commence in July. Please contact your school for more information about specific class start days.


For more information about other RMIT University policies, please go to the Policies web site.

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