C6136 - Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

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RMIT program code: C6136
Plan name: Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)
Plan code: C6136
National Program Code: 22268VIC
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: 2.5yrs
Minimum Nominal Hours: 2086
CRICOS code: 083115B

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2017 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

  C6136 Courses
  • You are strongly advised to attend the Program Information Session Prior to your enrolment activity on the required date to ensure correct selection of courses "subjects" and section code.
  • All full-time applicants must enrol into the correct course codes as indicated by Prefix BD (Building Design) for example: (BD1A,B,C,D,E,F - First year students), (BD2A,B,C,D,E Second year students) and  (BD3A,B,C,D,E - Third year students).
  • Group advisement will occur at the Program Information Session.

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C6136 Courses

  • You must complete all 21 courses "subjects" successfully to achieve the qualification of the Advanced Diploma.
  • Some units are consecutive and are completed across the first year and second year of the program: 
    - Integrate digital applications into architectural workflows and;
    - Provide design solutions for residential and commercial buildings

  •  All assessments tasks must be attempted in order to successfully complete the course "subject".
  • You must successfully complete all Year 1 courses to progress to Year 2. If you have not successfully completed all Year 1 courses you must see your Program Coordinator at the scheduled Program Information Session prior to your enrolment.
  • Several courses are full year delivered across the whole academic year. You need to enrol into these courses at the start of Semester 1 only.
  • The program framework requires that student's progress sequentially from residential units to commercial units followed by units relating to a complex project in the final semester of the program.
  • Group and time table changes will not be allowed unless officially approved by the Program Coordinator.
  • (You must remain enrolled in the group/section indicated on your course advice sheet)

C6136 Core Units - Select ALL Twenty One (21) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Undertake site survey and analysis to inform design process (VU21587)40BUIL6324City Campus3325 (BD1A)
3326 (BD1B)
3327 (BD1C)
3328 (BD1D)
3329 (BD1E)
3330 (BD1F)
3331 (BD1R)
2656 (BAC1)
2657 (BAC2)
2658 (BAC3)
Apply structural and construction technology to the design of residential buildings (VU21588)180ARCH5189City Campus3276 (BD1A)
3277 (BD1B)
3278 (BD1C)
3279 (BD1D)
3280 (BD1E)
3281 (BD1F)
3282 (BD1R)
2659 (BAC1)
2660 (BAC2)
2661 (BAC3)
Apply structural and construction technology to the design of commercial buildings (VU21589)120YesARCH5190City Campus3340 (BD2A)
3341 (BD2B)
3342 (BD2C)
3343 (BD2D)
3344 (BD2E)
3345 (BD2F)
Comply with relevant legislation in the design of residential buildings (VU21590)40ARCH5191City Campus3283 (BD1A)
3284 (BD1B)
3285 (BD1C)
3286 (BD1D)
3287 (BD1E)
3288 (BD1F)
3289 (BD1R)
2662 (BAC1)
2663 (BAC2)
2664 (BAC3)
Comply with relevant legislation in the design of commercial buildings (VU21591)50YesARCH5192City Campus3346 (BD2A)
3347 (BD2B)
3348 (BD2C)
3349 (BD2D)
3350 (BD2E)
3351 (BD2F)
Design safe buildings (VU21592)40YesARCH5193City Campus3352 (BD2A)
3353 (BD2B)
3354 (BD2C)
3355 (BD2D)
3356 (BD2E)
3357 (BD2F)
Design sustainable buildings (VU21593)90ARCH5203City Campus3370 (BD2A)
3371 (BD2B)
3372 (BD2C)
3373 (BD2D)
3374 (BD2E)
3375 (BD2F)
Integrate services layout into design documentation (VU21594)40ARCH5194City Campus3358 (BD2A)
3359 (BD2B)
3360 (BD2C)
3361 (BD2D)
3362 (BD2E)
3363 (BD2F)
Produce preliminary and working drawings for residential buildings (VU21596)180ARCH5195City Campus3290 (BD1A)
3291 (BD1B)
3292 (BD1C)
3293 (BD1D)
3294 (BD1E)
3295 (BD1F)
3296 (BD1R)
2665 (BAC1)
2666 (BAC2)
2667 (BAC3)
Produce working drawings for commercial buildings (VU21597)180YesARCH5196City Campus3364 (BD2A)
3365 (BD2B)
3366 (BD2C)
3367 (BD2D)
3368 (BD2E)
3369 (BD2F)
Select construction materials for building projects (VU21598)40ARCH5197City Campus3297 (BD1A)
3298 (BD1B)
3299 (BD1C)
3300 (BD1D)
3301 (BD1E)
3302 (BD1F)
3303 (BD1R)
2668 (BAC1)
2669 (BAC2)
2670 (BAC3)
Provide design solutions for residential and commercial buildings (VU21599)200ARCH5204City Campus3318 (BD1A)
3319 (BD1B)
3320 (BD1D)
3321 (BD1E)
3322 (BD1F)
3323 (BD1C)
3324 (BD1R)
3377 (BD2R)
2680 (BAC1)
2681 (BAC2)
2682 (BAC3)
Integrate digital applications into architectural workflows (VU21600)240BUIL6326City Campus3332 (BD1A)
3333 (BD1B)
3334 (BD1C)
3335 (BD1D)
3336 (BD1E)
3337 (BD1F)
3338 (BD1R)
3376 (BD2R)
2683 (BAC1)
2684 (BAC2)
2685 (BAC3)
Present architectural designs (VU21601)120ARCH5198City Campus3304 (BD1A)
3305 (BD1B)
3306 (BD1C)
3307 (BD1D)
3308 (BD1E)
3309 (BD1F)
3310 (BD1R)
2671 (BAC1)
2672 (BAC2)
2673 (BAC3)
Manage architectural project administration (VU21602)60YesARCH5199City Campus2647 (BD2A)
2648 (BD2B)
2649 (BD2C)
2650 (BD2D)
2651 (BD2E)
2652 (BD2F)
Undertake complex architectural projects (VU21603)280YesARCH5200City Campus3378 (BD3A)
3379 (BD3B)
3380 (BD3C)
3381 (BD3D)
3382 (BD3E)
Work safely in the construction industry (CPCCOHS1001A)6OHTH5583CCity Campus3260 (BD1A)
3261 (BD1B)
3262 (BD1C)
3263 (BD1D)
3264 (BD1E)
3265 (BD1F)
3339 (BD1R)
2653 (BAC1)
2654 (BAC2)
2655 (BAC3)
Apply project risk-management techniques (BSBPMG415A)40YesBUSM7907CCity Campus3388 (BD3A)
3389 (BD3B)
3390 (BD3C)
3391 (BD3D)
3392 (BD3E)
Undertake small business planning (BSBSMB404A)50YesBUSM6315CCity Campus3383 (BD3A)
3384 (BD3B)
3385 (BD3C)
3386 (BD3D)
3387 (BD3E)
3821 (PD2A)
3822 (PD2B)
3080 (PD2C)
Conduct a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment (VU21604)60ARCH5201City Campus3311 (BD1A)
3312 (BD1B)
3313 (BD1C)
3314 (BD1D)
3315 (BD1E)
3316 (BD1F)
3317 (BD1R)
2674 (BAC1)
2675 (BAC2)
2676 (BAC3)
Apply Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment to the design and construction process (VU21605)30YesARCH5202City Campus2640 (BD1A)
2641 (BD1B)
2642 (BD1C)
2643 (BD1D)
2644 (BD1E)
2645 (BD1F)
2646 (BD1R)
2677 (BAC1)
2678 (BAC2)
2679 (BAC3)

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Program structure enquiries

Catherine Ciavarella
Program Coordinator
+61 3 9925 4818


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