C6161 - Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

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RMIT program code: C6161
Plan name: Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)
Plan code: C6161
National Program Code: 22477VIC
Campus: City Campus
Full-Time Duration: 2 Year
Minimum Nominal Hours: 2086
CRICOS code: 099261E

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2021 Enrolment Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of 20 units.

   C6161 Courses

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff and in response to State and Commonwealth government coronavirus (COVID-19) advice, from 22 March 2020 RMIT suspended all face-to-face learning and face-to-face teaching activities on its Australian campuses.  RMIT is committed to supporting its students with studying from home arrangements via online learning until further notice.  Face-to-face may resume following government advice and based on the practical learning requirements of your program.  You will be notified of how this will impact you and your studies.

For more information on articulation and pathways, learning outcomes, program delivery and structure for the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) please click on the Enrolment Program Guide

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C6161 Courses

1st Year Students

First year students commencing in 2021 will enrol in 7 courses in  Semester 1 (2105) and 2 courses in Semester 2 (2145).  Please note at this time you will not be able to enrol in "Work Safely in the Construction Industry" until we are back on campus.

To ensure you are enrolled in the correct units, please enrol into all courses under the same group/section code (eg BD1A, BD1B, BD1C etc) in both semesters.  You have been allocated to a group where you will only see classes belonging to that group.  If for any reason, such as work commitments, you need to change groups, please contact your Program Coordinator, Catherine Ciavarella at catherine.ciavarella@rmit.edu.au 

If you do not see courses pre-selected for your group, please contact  the RMIT Connect Student Portal.

2nd Year Students

Students progressing to 2nd year need to have passed the following core courses from 1st Year: Construction, Working Drawings and Integrate Digital Apps.
If you have not passed any of these core courses you will need to repeat them before you can continue into second year.  Your results will be available to view online on the 29 November 2020.
If you  have passed these courses please proceed to enrol in 6 courses in Semester 1 (2105) and 4 courses in Semester 2 (2145). 
Please note your group code will be different in 2021 as it will appear as BD2(X).  
Any questions please  contact us via the RMIT Connect Student Portal.


C6161 Core Units - Select ALL Twenty (20) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Undertake site survey and analysis to inform design process (VU22454) 40 BUIL6413 City Campus 1110 (BDM1)
1111 (BDM2)
1112 (BDM3)
2258 (BD1A)
2259 (BD1B)
2260 (BD1C)
2261 (BD1D)
2262 (BD1E)
2263 (BD1F)
2264 (BD1G)
2265 (BD1H)
2266 (BD1I)
2267 (BD1J)
Comply with relevant legislation in the design of residential buildings (VU22457) 50 ARCH5222 City Campus 2474 (BD1A)
2475 (BD1B)
2476 (BD1C)
2477 (BD1D)
2478 (BD1E)
2479 (BD1F)
2480 (BD1G)
2481 (BD1H)
2482 (BD1I)
2483 (BD1J)
Conduct, interpret and apply a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment (VU22470) 50 ARCH5223 City Campus 1107 (BDM1)
1108 (BDM2)
1109 (BDM3)
2248 (BD1A)
2249 (BD1B)
2250 (BD1C)
2251 (BD1D)
2252 (BD1E)
2253 (BD1F)
2254 (BD1G)
2255 (BD1H)
2256 (BD1I)
2257 (BD1J)
Select construction materials for building projects (VU22464) 60 ARCH5224 City Campus 2484 (BD1A)
2485 (BD1B)
2486 (BD1C)
2487 (BD1D)
2488 (BD1E)
2489 (BD1F)
2490 (BD1G)
2491 (BD1H)
2492 (BD1I)
2493 (BD1J)
Design sustainable buildings (VU22460) 90 ARCH5225 City Campus 2494 (BD1A)
2495 (BD1B)
2496 (BD1C)
2497 (BD1D)
2498 (BD1E)
2499 (BD1F)
2500 (BD1G)
2501 (BD1H)
2502 (BD1I)
2503 (BD1J)
Apply structural and construction technology to the design of residential buildings (VU22455) 180 ARCH5226 City Campus 2514 (BD1A)
2515 (BD1B)
2516 (BD1C)
2517 (BD1D)
2518 (BD1E)
2519 (BD1F)
2520 (BD1G)
2521 (BD1H)
2522 (BD1I)
2523 (BD1J)
Produce preliminary and working drawings for residential buildings (VU22462) 180 ARCH5227 City Campus 2524 (BD1A)
2525 (BD1B)
2526 (BD1C)
2527 (BD1D)
2528 (BD1E)
2529 (BD1F)
2530 (BD1G)
2531 (BD1H)
2532 (BD1I)
2533 (BD1J)
Integrate digital applications into architectural workflows (VU22466) 240 BUIL6414 City Campus 2534 (BD1A)
2535 (BD1B)
2536 (BD1C)
2537 (BD1D)
2538 (BD1E)
2539 (BD1F)
2540 (BD1G)
2541 (BD1H)
2542 (BD1I)
2543 (BD1J)
Design safe buildings (VU22459) 40 ARCH5228 City Campus 1369 (BD2A)
1370 (BD2B)
1371 (BD2C)
1372 (BD2D)
1373 (BD2E)
1374 (BD2F)
Integrate services layout into design documentation (VU22461) 40 ARCH5229 City Campus 1375 (BD2A)
1376 (BD2B)
1377 (BD2C)
1378 (BD2D)
1379 (BD2E)
1380 (BD2F)
Comply with relevant legislation in the design of commercial buildings (VU22458) 60 Yes ARCH5230 City Campus 1381 (BD2A)
1382 (BD2B)
1383 (BD2C)
1384 (BD2D)
1385 (BD2E)
1386 (BD2F)
Apply structural and construction technology to the design of commercial buildings (VU22456) 120 ARCH5231 City Campus 1387 (BD2A)
1388 (BD2B)
1389 (BD2C)
1390 (BD2D)
1391 (BD2E)
1392 (BD2F)
Produce preliminary and working drawings for commercial buildings (VU22463) 180 Yes ARCH5232 City Campus 1393 (BD2A)
1394 (BD2B)
1395 (BD2C)
1396 (BD2D)
1397 (BD2E)
1398 (BD2F)
Present architectural designs (VU22467) 120 ARCH5233 City Campus 2504 (BD1A)
2505 (BD1B)
2506 (BD1C)
2507 (BD1D)
2508 (BD1E)
2509 (BD1F)
2510 (BD1G)
2511 (BD1H)
2512 (BD1I)
2513 (BD1J)
Provide design solutions for residential and commercial buildings (VU22465) 200 ARCH5234 City Campus 1399 (BD2A)
1400 (BD2B)
1401 (BD2C)
1402 (BD2D)
1403 (BD2E)
1404 (BD2F)
Apply project risk management techniques (BSBPMG415) 40 Yes BUSM8849C City Campus 1119 (BDMA)
1120 (BDMB)
1279 (BD2A)
1280 (BD2B)
1281 (BD2C)
1282 (BD2D)
1283 (BD2E)
1284 (BD2F)
Undertake small business planning (BSBSMB404) 50 Yes BUSM8839C City Campus 1117 (BDMA)
1118 (BDMB)
1273 (BD2A)
1274 (BD2B)
1275 (BD2C)
1276 (BD2D)
1277 (BD2E)
1278 (BD2F)
Manage architectural project administration (VU22468) 60 Yes ARCH5235 City Campus 1113 (BDMA)
1114 (BDMB)
1261 (BD2A)
1262 (BD2B)
1263 (BD2C)
1264 (BD2D)
1265 (BD2E)
1266 (BD2F)
Undertake complex architectural projects (VU22469) 280 Yes ARCH5236 City Campus 1115 (BDMA)
1116 (BDMB)
1267 (BD2A)
1268 (BD2B)
1269 (BD2C)
1270 (BD2D)
1271 (BD2E)
1272 (BD2F)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries

Catherine Ciavarella

Program Coordinator

School of Vociational Design and Social Context

Building 94, Level 5

+61 3 9925 4818


Enrolment Enquiries can be submitted via the RMIT Connect Student Portal 


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