GD108 - Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood)

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RMIT program code: GD108
Plan name: Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood)
Plan code: GD108P05
Campus: Bundoora Campus
Credit points per semester:
Full time: 48
Part time: 24
CRICOS code: 012380F

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2019 Enrolment Program Structure

To graduate you must complete the following:

  Year One of Program

This program is offered in two modes - online and face to face.

If you have applied to undertake the program online (external student) you must only enrol into online courses.

Face to Face students (internal students) may enrol in either face to face or online courses.

International students must enrol into courses identified as ECE, except for TCHE2295.

Any applications for credit or recognition of prior learning must be submitted by the end of week one in your first semester. Credit transfer is not available between a Certificate IV or Advanced Diploma and a Graduate Diploma. For futher information on credit please see the Credit Policy.

To graduate, students must complete the academic and professional experience requirements of the program. Professional experience can not be undertaken in your workplace, a place of business where you have family, or monetary or pecuniary interest. Professional experience must be undertaken at the dates specified in the course guides.

Professional experience is a component of the following courses:
TCHE2365 Theory and Practice: Birth to Two (10 days)
TCHE2560 Learning Across Early Childhood Curriculum (20 days)
TCHE2561 Theory and Practice: Two to Eight (20 days)
TCHE2558 Educational Leadership and Management (10 days)

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Year One of Program

For course and program advice please check you program guides and advice in the first instance, then your program administrator, and program manager as above.

ECE - Indicates course runs face-to-face throughout the week.
ONLI - Indicates course runs as a fully online course.

Please note, if you commenced the program at the start of semester 2, 2018 TCHE2558 will run in semester 1 2019 as a flex term. You need to enrol in this course via 'additional terms' by clicking on UGRAD flexible term 1902.

Mid Year students commencing Semester 2, 2019 must enrol into only the four courses listed below:

TCHE2365 Theory and Practice: Birth to Two (10 days)

TCHE2561 Theory and Practice: Two to Eight (20 days)

TCHE2562 Language and Literacies in Early Childhood

TCHE2295 Comparative Issues and Contexts in Early Childhood (ONLI)

Important Note: International students must only enrol into face to face courses which are identified as (ECE) with the exception of TCHE2295 (offered fully online).


Complete the following Eight (8) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Children, Education Settings and Society12TCHE2195Bundoora Campus1677 (ECE)
1679 (ONLI)
Theory and Practice: Birth to Two12TCHE2365Bundoora Campus1680 (ECE)
1682 (ONLI)
1629 (MYEC)
1631 (MYON)
Theory and Practice: Two to Eight12TCHE2561Bundoora Campus1623 (ECE)
1624 (ONLI)
Language and Literacies in Early Childhood12TCHE2562Bundoora Campus1619 (ECE)
1620 (ONLI)
Inclusive Education in Early Childhood12TCHE2559Bundoora Campus1684 (ECE)
1685 (ONLI)
Comparative Issues and Contexts in Early Childhood12TCHE2295Bundoora Campus1626 (ONLI)
Learning Across the Early Childhood Curriculum12TCHE2560Bundoora Campus1687 (ECE)
1689 (ONLI)
Educational Leadership and Management in Early Childhood12TCHE2558Bundoora Campus1621 (ECE)
1622 (ONLI)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries

Program Manager
Julie Carmel

Program Administration Officer
Tel. +61 3 9925 7480
Online Enquiry: RMIT Connect Portal


Please go to the Class timetables web page to access timetabling information.


Material fees

Some courses and programs have material fees (fees for field trips, goods or services) associated with them. In most cases these charges are not compulsory, but are levied by the teaching school for materials they purchase on your behalf for use in your studies. Go to the Material Fees web page to check the material fees for your program and courses.


For more information about enrolment at RMIT University, please go to the Enrolment home page.

*Semester 1 classes generally commence in February and Semester 2 classes generally commence in July. Please contact your school for more information about specific class start days.


For more information about other RMIT University policies, please go to the Policies web site.

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