MC260 - Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia Extension)

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RMIT program code: MC260
Plan name: Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia Extension)
Plan code: MC260
Campus: City Campus
Credit points per semester:
Full time: 48
Part time: 24
CRICOS code: 088092G

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2021 Enrolment Program Structure

To graduate you must complete the following:

   Year One of Program
AND   Year Two of Program

The Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia Extension) degree requires the completion of 192 credit points (CP) comprising of the following:


10 Compulsory RMIT courses (including 2 Capstone courses and 1 Business Research Design course) (120 CP)

        -       ACCT1106 Accounting, Accountability and Society ^

        -       LAW2480 Business and Corporations Law ^

        -       BAFI1100 Financial Decision Making ^

        -       ACCT1110 Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting ^

        -       ACCT2279 Strategic Management Control Systems ^

        -       ECON1314 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis^

        -       ACCT2111 Accounting Thought and Ethics ^

        -       ACCT1111 Assurance and Forensic Accounting

        -       LAW2471 Taxation Law and Practice

        -       BUSM4448 Business Research Design


Six (6) CPA Australia Extension courses (72 CP)

        -       ACCT2269 CPA Ethics and Governance

        -       ACCT2271 CPA Financial Reporting

        -       ACCT2277 CPA Strategic Management Accounting

        -       ACCT2275 CPA Global Strategy and Leadership*

        -       ACCT2273 CPA Financial Risk Management

        -       ACCT2267 CPA Contemporary Business Issues

* This course can only be taken in your final semester

^ These seven (7) courses must be completed first prior to enrolling in the CPA courses


Please note: In response to COVID-19, we have updated our teaching and courses to online enabled delivery at all Australian campuses. Our courses are available online now and will resume face to face when campus reopens without compromising the quality of our education and student outcomes. It will allow students to study online by participating in lectures and tutorials via Canvas to ensure continued learning throughout this period. Where necessary, course assessments have been adjusted to suit this learning format. Students will be supported to make the transition back to campus as soon as feasible (in line with government advice and University COVID-SAFE plans) or where required continue to study remotely.


Note: All courses listed may not be available each Semester, this is important to note when planning your enrolments.



Capstone Courses

Capstone Courses are compulsory courses designed to consolidate the learning undertaken throughout the program and should be taken in your final year/semester of study.  Applications for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning will not be accepted for Capstone courses.


The capstone courses for this program are:


Accreditation Information

For information regarding external accreditation and industry links related to this program, please click here.


A list of the required courses you must complete in order to fulfil the accreditation requirements for the Professional Body related to your program, can be located here.



RMIT Course Requisites

The course ACCT1111 Assurance and Forensic Accounting has a required prior study pre-requisite. 

The following course must be completed prior to enrolling into ACCT1111 Assurance and Forensic Accounting:


For more information about course requisites, please visit the Course Requisites webpage.


CPA Course Requisites

CPA Australia states that students must successfully complete seven (7) core accounting and business discipline courses (listed in italics above) which will be system enforced requisites.

In addition, CPA Australia have their own pre-requisites for certification.  Please note these are not listed on the RMIT Course Guides and arenot system enforced

Without these pre-requisites, you will not be able to complete the CPA exams for these courses.  Please ensure that you note the following when enrolling in courses in this program:

  • The course ACCT2275 CPA Global Strategy and Leadership requires the following enforced requisites: 

         - ACCT2269 CPA Ethics and Governance
         - ACCT2271 CPA Financial Reporting
         - ACCT2277 CPA Strategic Management Accounting

  • The course ACCT2273 CPA Financial Risk Management requires the following enforced requisites:

        - ACCT1111 Assurance and & Forensic Accounting
        - LAW2471 Taxation Law and Practice

  • The course ACCT2267 CPA Contemporary Business Issues requires the following enforced requisites:

        - ACCT1111 Assurance and & Forensic Accounting
        - LAW2471 Taxation Law and Practice


CPA Course Assessment

Each RMIT CPA course has one assessment task that is facilitated externally by CPA Australia, this task is a hurdle requirement and is referred to as the CPA Australia examination. Students must pass the CPA Australia examination and accrue an aggregate mark of 50 or more to pass each course. If the CPA Australia examination is failed, a SUP grade will be applied to the course and the CPA Australia examination must be resat in the next available CPA Australia examination session.


CPA Enrolment Information

Students can enrol in ACCT2269 CPA Ethics and Governance without being an associate member of CPA Australia. However, to undertake the remaining five CPA courses students must be an associate member of CPA Australia.

To enrol, students (applicants) must have completed prerequisite courses (subjects) which CPA Australia refers to as foundation knowledge/exams.  By successfully completing the first year in the program structure (in sequence) of the Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia Extension), students will have satisfied the required entry knowledge to become both an Associate member of CPA Australia and permitted to enrol in the CPA Program. 

A permissions process applies for the enrolment into ALL RMIT CPA courses. To enrol into these courses, students must complete the online CPA Course Enrolment Request Form and attach a copy of their CPA course enrolment confirmation to this request. Therefore, students must enrol with CPA Australia prior to applying to enrol into the RMIT CPA courses. Further information and a link to the CPA Course Enrolment Request Form is available in the course guide for each course.


Please note: there are separate fees payable to CPA Australia as follows: 

  • $325* Associate Member fee (annual charge);
  • $1140* Early Bird subject/tuition fee ($1290* standard cost);

*These fees (correct as at September 2020) are set by CPA Australia and are subject to change, without notice.

** Also note that you will be required to register for each of the CPA Exams (CPA Australia Fees).


Enrolment procedures with CPA Australia can be located at: When enrolling in the CPA Program on-line, students will need to provide an academic record from RMIT University as evidence that they have satisfactorily completed the foundation knowledge courses from Year 1 of the program as noted above.


To assist with obtaining an academic record that is acceptable to CPA Australia, please contact: Sonia Magdziarz, Program Manager (Postgraduate Programs) in the School of Accounting via


CPA Dates

The CPA Program dates do not always align with RMIT University semester dates.


Please note: All listed dates below are TBC and are subject to change, for the most up to date information for 2021, please refer to the CPA Australia website for published Important Dates and Fees.


Semester 1 2021:

1. CPA Australia enrolment opens (Enrol in CPA Program): Monday 23 Nov 2020

2. Closing date for exam scheduling or rescheduling: Friday 5 Feb 2021

3. Exam Period: Saturday 10 April – Tuesday 27 April 2021


Semester 2 2021:

1. CPA Australia enrolment opens (Enrol in CPA Program): Tuesday 29 June 2021

Please note: Early Bird enrolments close on Friday 23 July – enrol before this date to save on your subject fees. Enrolments will close on Friday 6 August. 

2. Closing date for exam scheduling or rescheduling: 18 August 2021

3. Exam Period: Wednesday 13 October – Monday 1 November 2021


CPA Australia – contact

We are fortunate to have a Relationship Manager from CPA Australia to assist RMIT students with queries about the CPA Program. If you have any questions about the CPA Program, or general queries about CPA Australia, please feel free to contact: Tim Lu at

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Year One of Program

It is strongly recommended that you follow the program sequencing below:

Semester One: Complete the following Four (4) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Accounting, Accountability and Society 12 ACCT1106 City Campus 1050 1041
Business and Corporations Law 12 LAW2480 City Campus 1369 1358
Financial Decision Making 12 BAFI1100 City Campus 1076 1069
Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting 12 ACCT1110 City Campus 1051 1042

Semester Two: Complete the following Four (4) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Strategic Management Control Systems 12 ACCT2279 City Campus 1067 1062
Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 12 ECON1314 City Campus 1358 1256
Assurance and Forensic Accounting 12 Yes ACCT1111 City Campus 1052 1043
Accounting Thought and Ethics 12 Yes ACCT2111 City Campus 1053 1044

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Year Two of Program

Please note: classes with ONL (online study mode) for BUSM4448 are only available to students of MC196 Master of Information Management.

Please note: that the MBA (study mode classes) of BUSM4448 are only available for students of MC199 Master of Business Administration and MC162 Executive Master of Business Administration.

It is strongly recommended that you follow the below program sequencing

Please note: Semester 1 classes usually commence earlier than the regular semester 1 dates for the six (6) CPA Australia Extension courses. As this is outside the regular Semester 1 dates these courses have been scheduled in the PGRD Flexible term (2102) in 2021.

Class numbers for these six (6) CPA Australia Extension courses scheduled in the PGRD Flexible term (2102) in 2021 are as below:

ACCT2269 CPA Ethics and Governance (class number 1014)
ACCT2271 CPA Financial Reporting (class number 1015)
ACCT2277 CPA Strategic Management Accounting (class number 1018)
ACCT2275 CPA Global Strategy and Leadership (class number 1017)
ACCT2273 CPA Financial Risk Management (class number 1016)
ACCT2267 CPA Contemporary Business Issues (class number 1013)


Semester One: Complete the following Four (4) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

CPA Ethics and Governance 12 Yes ACCT2269 City Campus 1055
CPA Financial Reporting 12 Yes ACCT2271 City Campus 1056
CPA Strategic Management Accounting 12 Yes ACCT2277 City Campus 1060
Taxation Law and Practice 12 Yes LAW2471 City Campus 1261 1147

Semester Two: Complete the following Four (4) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

CPA Global Strategy and Leadership 12 Yes ACCT2275 City Campus 1059
CPA Financial Risk Management 12 Yes ACCT2273 City Campus 1058
CPA Contemporary Business Issues 12 Yes ACCT2267 City Campus 1054
Business Research Design 12 Yes BUSM4448 City Campus 1103
1379 (ONL)
1380 (EMBA)
1375 (EMBA)
1376 (ONL)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries


Contact Details

Business Connect via RMIT Connect or Text BC80 to 0477 444 555 to join the queue at Business Connect, Building 80, Level 7, 445 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000.


Enrolment Load

The maximum standard enrolment load per semester is 48 credit points.



You will only be permitted to overload by a maximum of 12 credit points in the final semester of your program, upon approval from the College.


Credit and Pathways

If you have previous learning or experience, you can apply for credit or recognition of prior learning towards your RMIT program. Please read the information provided on the Apply for Credit web page.



Please go to the Class timetables web page to access timetabling information.


Material fees

Some courses and programs have material fees (fees for field trips, goods or services) associated with them. In most cases these charges are not compulsory, but are levied by the teaching school for materials they purchase on your behalf for use in your studies. Go to the Material Fees web page to check the material fees for your program and courses.


For more information about enrolment at RMIT University, please go to the Enrolment home page.

*Semester 1 classes generally commence in February and Semester 2 classes generally commence in July. Please contact your school for more information about specific class start days.


For more information about other RMIT University policies, please go to the Policies web site.

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