BH000 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Honours)

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Plan: BH000 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Honours)
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The following Program Learning Outcomes have been synthesised from the Australian Psychological Accreditaiton Council (2012) RMIT University Application for Accreditation

PLO 1:  Demonstrate appropriate and relevant fundamental and applied evidence based knowledge and undertake lifelong learning to improve personal and professional practice 

PLO 2: Demonstrate a capacity to employ a variety of approaches and procedures to research to permit judgements and decisions to be supported by appropriate evidence that places practice within a global and local context.

PLO 3:  Apply knowledge to diagnose and solve problems in a wide range of diverse situations, with an ability to work independently or with others and incorporate the analysis of evidence based scientific literature to solve psychological problems.

PLO 4: Engage in dialogue with a diverse range of people and communicate in a broad range of  forms (written, electronic, graphic, oral) to meet the circumstances of the situation and the capabilities of the audience.

PLO 5: Maintain tolerance and respect for individuals and  groups from diverse backgrounds, holding diverse values, adhering to professional expectations and demonstrating  ethical behaviour.

 PLO 6: Develop collaborative partnerships with colleagues, other professionals and the community that build on the capacity of others and develop open and flexible relationships that adapt to evolving needs and aspirations.


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