BH010 - Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) (Honours)

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Plan: BH010P9 - Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) (Honours)
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

At the completion of the program you will possess a sound knowledge of basic and some advanced mathematical theory. You will have a range of skills and abilities to operate effectively in professional settings that involve mathematical expertise.  You will also have the ability to select and apply mathematical theories and techniques to a wide range of problems. We have consulted industry representatives and past graduates to ensure that the capabilities developed in the program are relevant to current industry needs.


Mathematics in context
Ability to appreciate the complex, diverse and evolving social, political and cultural dimensions of practicing as a mathematics professional in organisational and community settings.

Problem Solving
Ability to apply knowledge and skill to characterise, analyse and solve a wide range of problems.

Teamwork and Project Management
Ability to contribute to professional work settings through effective participation in teams and organisation of project tasks.

Ability to communicate both technical and non-technical material in a range of forms (written, electronic, graphic, oral) and to tailor the style and means of communication to different audiences.

Ability to appreciate the ethical considerations that inform judgements and decisions in academic and professional settings.

Information Literacy
Ability to locate and use data and information and evaluate its quality with respect to its authority and relevance.

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