BH058 - Bachelor of Health and Biomedical Sciences (Honours)

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Plan: BH058P18 - Bachelor of Health and Biomedical Sciences (Honours)
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The following program learning outcomes are based on the Science Standards Statement endorsed by the Australian Council of Deans of Science in 2011. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Health and Biomedical Sciences (Honours), graduates will:

PLO 1 Understanding Science

    Demonstrate a coherent understanding of health and biomedical science and be able to

  • Articulate methods of science and explain why current scientific knowledge is both contestable and testable by further inquiry.
  • Explain the role and relevance of health and biomedical science in society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of your research project to your specialised area of your chosen discipline and to society.

    PLO 2 Scientific knowledge 

    • Develop broad knowledge in disciplinary areas contributing to health and biomedical sciences.
    • Develop advanced knowledge in at least one specialised area of your chosen discipline.
    • Demonstrate integration of knowledge from across the disciplines contributing to health and biomedical sciences.

      PLO 3 Inquiry and problem solving 

      • Gather, critically evaluate and synthesise information from a range of sources relevant to a scientific research topic.
      • Define a health and biomedical science problem and formulate hypotheses.
      • Select and apply practical and theoretical techniques to design, plan and conduct a research project.
      • Collect, accurately record, critically analyse and interpret data and draw conclusions from your research findings.
      • Demonstrate well-developed problem-solving skills and think creatively, analytically and innovatively to address scientific problems.

        PLO 4 Effective Communication 

        • Communicate scientific information and the results of your research project using oral, written and presentation skills which take into account appropropiate scientific language for the intended audience.

        PLO 5 Personal and professional responsibility and ethical behaviour

        • Demonstrate independent learning and an ability to work responsibly and safely, both as an individual and collaboratively.
        • Practise academic integrity and ethical conduct in research.
        • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical and regulatory frameworks relevant to your work.


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