BH101 - Bachelor of Science (Dean's Scholar)(Honours)

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Plan: BH101ES - Bachelor of Science (Dean's Scholar, Environmental Science) (Honours)
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

On completion of the Bachelor of Science (Dean's Scholar, Environmental Science) (Honours) program graduates will be able to:

Understanding science

1.1 You will be able to articulate the methods of science and explain why current environmental knowledge is both contestable and testable through further inquiry.

1.2. You will be able to explain the role and relevance of environmental science in society.

Scientific knowledge

2.1. You will demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge and understanding of Earth system processes, especially in the hydrosphere, ecosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere and; depth in the underlying principles and concepts in Environmental Chemistry and/or Environmental Biology.

2.2 You will understand that environmental science has interdisciplinary connections with other sciences.

Inquiry and problem solving

3.1 You will be able to gather, synthesize and critically evaluate environmental information from a range of sources

3.2 You will be able to design and plan an investigation, including develop a testable hypothesis

3.3 You will be able to select and apply practical and/or theoretical techniques with technical competence in field, laboratory-based or virtual experiments

3.4 You will be able to collect, accurately record, interpret and draw conclusions from scientific data.


4.1 You will be able to communicate environmental science results, information, or arguments effectively using a range of modes (oral, written, visual) to different audiences.

Personal and professional responsibility

5.1 You will be an independent and self-directed learner

5.2 You will work responsibly, safely, legally and ethically in an individual or team context

5.3 You will demonstrate knowledge of the regulatory frameworks relevant to environmental science.

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