BH114 - Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) (Honours)

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Plan: BH114HVT - Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) (Honours)
Campus: SHAPE, VTC

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon successful completion of this program you will have developed the knowledge and skills to enable best practice in construction management. As a construction management professional, you will be well equipped to practice across a variety of industry contexts from residential, commercial and industrial construction to civil, environmental and government projects.

As a graduate, you will help you to develop the following program learning outcomes:

1 Determine and apply knowledge of complex construction management theory  to your professional practice  and/or further study 
2 Professionally communicate to a range of audiences, demonstrating in depth knowledge of the discipline and of the needs of diverse construction management stakeholders 
3 Apply logical, critical and creative thinking to analyse, synthesise and apply theoretical knowledge,  and technical skills, to formulate evidenced based solutions to industry problems or issues
4 Utilise appropriate methods and techniques to design and /or execute research based or professionally focused construction management projects, demonstrating capacity for independent and collaborative learning,  addressing real world industry issues 
5 Collaborate effectively with others and demonstrate intellectual independence and autonomy to solve problems and/or address industry issues and imperatives 
6 Critically examine and reflect on the profession , in local and/or global contexts, and question accepted interpretations and decision making

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