BP230 - Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology)

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Plan: BP230NPH - Bachelor of Science (Nanophysics)
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

On completion of this program you should be able to: 

PLO 1: Understanding science: 

PLO 1.1:  Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and an ability to apply the scientific method in practice.

PLO 1.2:  Demonstrate an understanding of the role and relevance of science in society.

PLO 1.3:  Demonstrate an understanding of the role and importance of evidence in the continuous evolution of scientific knowledge. 

PLO-2: Scientific knowledge

PLO 2.1:  Demonstrate a broad knowledge in your chosen discipline, with deep knowledge in its core concepts.

PLO 2.2:  Demonstrate knowledge in at least one discipline other than your primary discipline and some understanding of interdisciplinary linkages. 

PLO-3: Inquiry and Problem Solving

PLO 3.1: Plan and carry out a research project under supervision, showing the development of some capacity for independent work.

PLO 3.2: Gather, critically review and synthesise information relevant to a scientific inquiry or research project.

PLO 3.3: Choose appropriate tools and methods to solve scientific problems within your area of specialization.

PLO 3.4: Demonstrate well-developed problem solving skills, applying your knowledge and using your ability to think analytically and creatively.

PLO 3.5: Demonstrate an ability to accurately record, analyse, interpret and critically evaluate your research findings. 

PLO-4: Communication

PLO 4.1: Communicate the solution to a problem or the results of a scientific investigation using effective oral, written and presentation skills.

PLO 4.2: Communicate the solution to a problem or the results of a scientific investigation using appropriate methods for different audiences. 

PLO-5: Personal and professional responsibility

PLO 5.1: Demonstrate a capacity for independent and self-directed work.

PLO 5.2: Demonstrate you can work responsibly, safely, legally and ethically.

PLO 5.3: Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively.

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