BP293 - Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)/Bachelor of Biomedical Science

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Plan: BP293SBDD - Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)/Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of BP293 Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) / Bachelor of Biomedical Science, you will have achieved the following Program Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate a coherent understanding of biotechnology and biomedical sciences by:

1.1. Articulating the methods of biotechnology and biomedical science and explaining why current scientific knowledge is both contestable and testable by further inquiry

1.2. Explaining the role and relevance of biotechnology and biomedical science in society

Exhibit depth and breadth of scientific knowledge by:

2.1. Demonstrating knowledge across disciplines contributing to biotechnology and biomedical science

Critically analyse and solve scientific problems by:

3.1. Gathering, synthesising and critically evaluating information from a range of sources

3.2. Designing and planning an investigation, including developing a testable hypothesis.

3.3. Selecting and applying practical and/or theoretical techniques or tools in order to conduct an investigation

3.4.Collecting, accurately recording, interpreting and drawing conclusions from scientific data.

Demonstrate effective communication of biotechnology and biomedical science by:

4.1. Communicating scientific results, information, or arguments, to a range of audiences, for a range of purposes, and using a variety of modes.

Demonstrate accountability for your own learning and scientific work by:

5.1. Becoming an independent and self-directed learner

5.2. Working effectively, responsibly and safely in an individual or team context

5.3. Demonstrating knowledge of the regulatory frameworks relevant to their biotechnology and biomedical science and personally practising ethical conduct.

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