BP317 - Bachelor of Languages

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Plan: BP317VRI - Bachelor of Languages
Campus: RMIT University Vietnam

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

In this program you will be assessed on your development of program learning outcomes in areas of communication, life-long learning, global outlook, cultural and social awareness and work preparedness. As a graduate of this program you will develop:

  • Communicate effectively in a range of forms and in different international and cross-cultural contexts, using appropriate modes of communication including electronic, written, graphic, oral and aural forms with audiences within and external to the discipline.
  • Critically reflect on the role of culture in communication and society and apply this knowledge in a range of cross-cultural interactions locally and globally.
  • Work independently and in diverse teams to solve problems, using effective communication strategies demonstrating ethical and reflective practice.
  • Adapt and develop effective communication strategies to address linguistic diversity in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate creativity, critical thinking and innovation when identifying and solving problems in diverse contexts within language related fields.
  • Identify, evaluate and critically analyse cultural, historical and theoretical practices which contextualise your professional practice and further study of language.
  • Evaluate and apply technology to increase efficiency and precision in language sensitive working contexts.
  • Critically analyse resources, evidence and personal experience to make ethical, socially and politically aware decisions related to language and intercultural interpretations and applications.
  • Effectively manage your own learning, developing skills in lifelong learning of languages and cross-cultural communication.
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