BP322 - Bachelor of Youth Work and Youth Studies

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Plan: BP322 - Bachelor of Youth Work and Youth Studies
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

As a graduate, you will develop the following program learning outcomes:

  • Apply interdisciplinary bodies of theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom and skills to the scholarship of Youth Studies, praxis of Youth Work and orientation to professional human services.
  • Engage responsibly and ethically in professional relationships, whilst attending to the wide range of complex issues regarding young people and other key stakeholders, in the execution of your duty of care.
  • Critically analyse, synthesise and reflect upon the factors, agencies and influences that shape the life-worlds, experiences and aspirations of young people to consider enabling models of practice and interventions. 
  • Apply logic, creativity and criticality to conceptualise the agency of young people in navigating their social, cultural, political, economic, spatial and temporal dimensions of citizenship.
  • Design and conduct professional and scholarly research projects relating to Youth Work, Youth Studies and the contexts of young people thoughtfully, ethically, respectfully and inclusively.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally using a range of appropriate modalities and genres suitable to broad stakeholders across the Youth Sector, including young people, statutory agencies, families, government and other professionals.
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