C0044 - Graduate Diploma of Community Sector Management

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Plan: C0044 - Graduate Diploma of Community Sector Management
Campus: City Campus

Program delivery and structure

Approach to learning and assessment
Work integrated learning
Program structure

Approach to learning and assessment

The ten units have been clustered around five key professional practice themes underpinning the design and delivery of workshop sessions (as listed below). You will be able to select electives based on your organisational and professional development needs.


1.       Leading and managing strategically in Community Services

2.       Researching and managing policy to advance community services practice

3.       Promoting a governance framework to enhance a strategic environment

4.       Leading and managing organisational systems

5.       Leading and managing people


Structured learning in this program will be delivered in workshop mode with learners engaging in analysis of live case material, self reflection exercises, scenario role plays and discussion groups relating to theoretical and practice-based topics. Problem-based learning will underpin material and exercises covered during the workshop program, drawing on contemporary management and leadership challenges, contextualised to the Community Services sector. The program facilitator will work with each participant to negotiate workplace projects to meet course requirements but also maximises personal and professional development.

Activities will articulate management practice and academic skills such as relating theories to practice research, critical analysis and reflection of readings and application to industry and specific workplace settings. Student learning and feedback will be supported by online activities, discussions and resources via Blackboard at MyRMIT, peer learning groups and structured supervision/mentoring from a designated RMIT program facilitator and workplace supervisor.

At the commencement of the workshop series, you will be provided with an opportunity to undertake self assessment and recognition of prior learning. Individual learning plans and the development of a portfolio of evidence that is linked to each unit or competency (or cluster) ensures assessment of unit requirements and critical aspects of evidence.


Key features of assessment in this program include:

·         Case study scenarios – individual and group responses, that uses a critical approach to research and analysis of organisational and service delivery issues within a management and leadership framework.

·         Written assignments and essays – integration of theory and current industry issues with workplace practice and professional understandings eg, critical and comparative analysis strategic management practice, data analysis, policy briefings and submissions and evidence-based research

·         Workplace Innovation project – capstone assessment involving a negotiated action learning project based on an organisational/strategic leadership issue.

·         Presentations – student-led workshops on aspects of community sector management and presentations to peer group and industry members. Outcomes of the capstone Workplace Innovation project will be presented at the end of program showcase event involving industry panellists.

 Both graded and competency-based assessment will be made available for this program.

All assessment tasks completed and submitted as part of formal course assessment will be graded.

This is to facilitate entry to further study at Graduate Diploma or Masters level and to provide you and

your employer(s) with an indication of your performance level beyond a competent assessment



If you have a long term medical condition, disability and/or other form of disadvantage it may be possible to negotiate to vary aspects of the learning or assessment methods.


You can contact the program coordinator or the Disability Liaison Unit if you would like to find out more.

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Work integrated learning

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice. As a student enrolled in this program you will:

·         undertake and be assessed on structured activities that allow you to learn, apply and demonstrate your professional or vocational practice,

·         interact with industry and community when undertaking these activities,

·         complete these activities in a real work context or situation, and in addition,

·         these interactions and the work contexts provide distinctive sources of feedback to you to assist your learning.


The program will be delivered around key professional practice themes requiring you to research and engage with current industry trends and future directions, organisational policy and strategic priorities.

During the program, you will engage in the following work integrated learning activities:

·         Structured workplace supervision and coachingfrom members of your organisation’s management team.

·         Peer learning groups to support the exchange of learning and promoting engagement with issues impacting across the Community Services industry.

·         Presentation of your major research projectto industry peers at end of program.

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Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

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C0044 Courses

C0044 Core Units - Select ALL Seven (7) Courses. Note: Course 042801-BSBRSK501A included for historical enrolments and is no longer delivered.

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Course Code


Manage risk (BSBRSK501B)60BUSM6498CCity Campus
Manage the finances, accounts and resources of an organisation (CHCADMIN604B)90ACCT5335CCity Campus
Contribute to effective governance in the community sector (CHCMGT601B)50BUSM7831CCity Campus
Manage a complex community sector organisation (CHCMGT801B)95BUSM7832CCity Campus
Manage policy development (CHCMGT802C)90BUSM7833CCity Campus
Provide strategic leadership (CHCMGT803B)75BUSM7834CCity Campus
Manage human resources in a community sector organisation (CHCORG605B)60EMPL7033CCity Campus
Manage risk (BSBRSK501A)60BUSM6228CCity Campus
C0044 Elective Units - Select Three (3) Courses

Course Title

Nominal Hours

Course Code


Manage change in a community sector organisation (CHCORG610B)150BUSM6454CCity Campus
Lead and develop others in a community sector workplace (CHCORG611C)90BUSM7835CCity Campus
Use research evidence to advance policy and practice (CHCPOL701B)60BUSM7836CCity Campus
Provide leadership in community services delivery (CHCORG624E)120EMPL7034City Campus
Manage workplace issues (CHCORG607D)75BUSM7837CCity Campus
Manage organisation's strategic and business planning (CHCORG613D)90BUSM7838CCity Campus

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