C0047 - Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

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Plan: C0047 - Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Campus: City Campus

Program delivery and structure

Approach to learning and assessment
Work integrated learning
Program structure
Program transition plan

Approach to learning and assessment

To successfully complete 22469VIC Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme you need to demonstrate competence in VU22448 Work effectively with a national disability insurance scheme participant. The delivery plan includes a sequence of eleven sessions culminating in practical assessment involving an NDIS participant. The course is delivered through structured face-to-face workshops, guided independent learning and the preparation of a portfolio of evidence of completed tasks.

You are encouraged to undertake further reading and activities to gain a deeper understanding of the NDIS, direct support work and the disability sector.

The approach to learning is based on information from key industry stakeholders who have reinforced the value of:

  • direct face-to-face learning
  • involving people with lived experience of disability in course delivery
  • learners forming a peer support group for learning and/or assessment
  • involving NDIS participants in the assessment
  • quality resource materials
  • creating synergies with existing resources developed by industry.

The course is structured so that sessions:

  • build skills and knowledge sequentially
  • build skills and knowledge incrementally
  • include 3.5 hours of learning – with assessment scheduled in some sessions
  • can be delivered flexibly to support the needs of a diverse range of learners

The course will be delivered through 2 different delivery options:

Option 1(caters for learners seeking to study during the day)

  • Week 1-5 (one day per week x 7 hours per day) PLUS
  • Week 6 (one day x 5 hours)

Option 2 (caters for learners seeking evening and weekend study)

  • Weeks 1-5 (two nights per week x 3.5 hours per session) PLUS
  • Week 6 (one day - Saturday x 5 hours)

This course includes a number of assessment methods to enable learners to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in working with an NDIS participant.

Assessment methods include:

  • Questioning
  • Questioning and scenarios
  • Questioning, observation and scenarios

Information relating to Covid

Please note that this program’s courses (whether core, option, or university elective courses) may have mandatory in-person attendance or assessment to pass the course.

If you are choosing to enrol in a course which has mandatory in-person attendance or assessment, you will need to comply with RMIT vaccination requirements which are applicable during the duration of the course. This RMIT requirement includes being vaccinated against COVID-19 or holding a valid medical exemption.

Please read this RMIT Enrolment Procedure as it has important information regarding COVID vaccination and your study at RMIT: https://policies.rmit.edu.au/document/view.php?id=209.

Please read the Student website for additional requirements of in-person attendance: https://www.rmit.edu.au/covid/coming-to-campus

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Work integrated learning

Though there are no specific Work Integrated Learning requirements for this course, VU22448 Work effectively with a national disability insurance scheme participant requires access to a simulated environment that reflects workplace conditions, involving an NDIS participant to enable learners to demonstrate their competence by working with people who have a lived experience of disability.

In addition, where appropriate guest speakers maybe invited to provide a more holistic overview of the NDIS sector.


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Program Structure

This qualification requires the completion of the following:

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C0047 Courses

C0047 Core Units - Select One (1) Course

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Nominal Hours

Course Code


Work effectively with a national disability insurance scheme participant (VU22448) 40 HWSS6172 City Campus

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Program transition plan

There are no transition requirements for this program.


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