C5367 - Diploma of Conservation and Land Management

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Plan: C5367 - Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Statement on competency-based training
Employability Skills

Statement on competency-based training

Successful completion of this program requires you to demonstrate that you are competent in 10 units of competency as outlined in the program structure.  
You will be required to undertake approximately 1280 hours of supervised learning activities (including face-to- face classes, online activities, day and over night fieldtrips and the like).  In addition to these activities it is recommended that you allow approx. 7 hours per week of your own time for self-directed study including reading, research, preparation for classes and assessment completion.

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Employability Skills

In addition to developing skills and knowledge for a particular job, this program also aims to help you to develop broad work skills, known as Employability Skills. There are eight employability skills:

    *  communication
    *  teamwork
    *  problem solving
    *  initiative and enterprise
    *  planning and organising
    *  self-management
    *  learning
    *  technology

Employability skills are “embedded” in the units of competency in your program. When you demonstrate that you are competent in your particular job skills and knowledge, you are also demonstrating that you have developed relevant employability skills.

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