GC184 - Graduate Certificate in Arts Management

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Plan: GC184 - Graduate Certificate in Arts Management
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

As a graduate, you will develop the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Attain appropriate and relevant arts management knowledge, with the ability to critique, use and apply that knowledge across a range of situations, enabling effective judgments in dealing with new and emerging issues in the field
  2. Conduct self-directed learning and independent research to develop your individual arts management practice and locate your work globally within an appropriate conceptual and theoretical context
  3. Communicate through practice and policy in a sustainable manner with a wide range of audiences in multidisciplinary means with an appreciation of communication as a personal and cultural practice
  4. Demonstrate the skills of research, analysis and presentation within professional and academic fields
  5. Engage critically in theoretical, historical, social, legal, environmental and cultural contexts with reference to the arts management industry context
  6. Demonstrate the capacity to work independently, as well as with others in group and team activities and decision-making processes to seek innovative and critically reflective solutions and outcomes
  7. Engage critically, creatively and effectively using available resources to solve arts management issues and reflect on the process and outcomes.
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