GC190 - Graduate Certificate in Food Science and Technology

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Plan: GC190 - Graduate Certificate in Food Science and Technology
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of this Graduate Certificate you will have made progress towards achieving the following program learning outcomes. Each of these programs learning outcomes is developed in much greater depth in the Master of Food Science and Technology:

1. Understand food science and technology

1.1 Display a thorough understanding of recent developments in a specialised area of food science and technology.
1.2 Apply research principles and methods applicable to food science and technology.

2. Critically analyse and solve problems in food science and technology

2.1 Demonstrate cognitive skills and mastery of advanced theoretical knowledge in food science and technology and apply this knowledge to solve complex problems in existing and emerging areas of this discipline.
2.2 Generate and evaluate complex ideas and concepts at an abstract level.

3. Communicate technical knowledge

3.1 Effectively communicate concepts of food science and technology to specialist and non-specialist audiences, using a variety of presentation modes.

4. Display personal and professional responsibility.

4.1 Be accountable for individual learning and professional rigour via the development of independent and self-directed learning strategies.
4.2 Work effectively, responsibly, ethically and safely in an individual or team context.

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