GD063 - Graduate Diploma in Project Management

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Plan: GD063P03PM - Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Statement of capabilities

As a graduate of the Graduate Diploma in Project Management you will have developed and been assessed on the following capabilities. These capabilities reflect both the local and international context and align with the principles and best practice prescribed by the PMI (Project Management Institute). Depending on your course selection, and on whether you go on to study the related Masters program, you may have opportunities to develop these and additional capabilities further.

You will develop a thorough knowledge project management principles and best practice. You will build knowledge through completion of applied projects and also develop high level information literacy skills.

You will develop your capacity to critically examine and reflect upon current issues fundamental to the project management profession, and to question accepted interpretations, decision making and professional practice.

You will develop your capability to analyse problems from a variety of perspectives and formulate innovative solutions to industry issues and problems.  

You will develop high level written and verbal professional communication skills and the capacity to communicate effectively across all levels of industry and management.

You will develop your team work and leadership skills by undertaking applied project management projects, including those in partnership with external project stakeholders.

You will develop your capability to lead others in an effective, ethical and professional manner.


You will develop your understanding of the environmental impact of project management decision making and practice

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