GD125 - Graduate Diploma in Environment and Planning

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Plan: GD125 - Graduate Diploma in Environment and Planning
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Statement of capabilities

Each course in the program is designed to help you develop program Graduate Capabilities. These capabilities are the broad skills that the School and industry expect you to develop. They spell out the kinds of thinking and doing that will be expected of you when you have finished this program. Depending on your course selection, and on whether you go on to study the related Masters programs, you may have opportunities to develop these and additional capabilities further.

The specific skills and capabilities you will continue to develop in the Graduate Diploma include:

Communication- the ability to:

  • at a professional level present ideas coherently to academic and professional audiences in oral and written material
  • be sensitive to the experience of individuals and the way in which it is socially constructed and mediated by class, gender and ethnicity 
  • communicate clearly and convincingly through a range of modes and multi media technologies
    build positive relationships with others

Critical analysis- the ability to:

  • examine and evaluate, using appropriate bases, a wide range of professionally related situations taking an interdisciplinary perspective
  • at a high level assess the strategic, operational, social and environmental implications of decisions and actions
  • devise and implement solutions by applying a combination of capabilities
    appreciate the limitations of one’s own knowledge

Critical awareness- the ability to:

  • lead in the creation of shared understanding in occupationally, politically and culturally diverse interest groups
  • reflect on experiences, to relate these to similar and dissimilar contexts to inform and improve future practice

Environmental responsibility - the ability to:

  • demonstrate a responsible attitude of stewardship to the environment be aware of the causes of environmental impacts
  • in both professional and private contexts take action for biodiversity and environmental improvement
  • apply principles and practice of natural resource policy, sustainability, globalisation and environmental management

Technical and professional skills- the ability to

  • apply soundly based thinking in theoretical, historical, local and international contexts for environmental decision making
  • confidently develop, formulate and implement policy
  • integrate information technology with professional activities
  • demonstrate leadership in working as an effective and productive team member in a variety of professional and social contexts
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