MC002 - Master of Clinical Psychology

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Plan: MC002P16 - Master of Clinical Psychology
Campus: Bundoora Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The Program Learning Outcomes are based on the core capabilities and attributes specified for Master of Psychology (Clinical) by the Australian Psychology Accrediation Council's (2010) and the APS College of Clinical Psyhcologists (2013).

Ther Program Learning Outcomes for this Program have been mapped to the APAC and APS requirements for Program Learning Outomes and are expressed for this course as follows:

PLO 1: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the theories, models and scientific underpinning of professional psychological practice and its application across behavioural and organisational systems

PLO2: Develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of the legislative frameworks and ethical codes and guidelines that guide professional psychological practice at a personal and professional level.

PLO 3: Design, analyse, synthesise and communicate information from a wide variety of psychological assessments and techniques appropriate to the developmental stage, cognitive level and cultural background of the client, and appropriate to the purpose of the assessment.

PLO 4: Demonstrate the ability to design, apply, and evaluate appropriate evidence based empirically validated interventions individualised to the client’s diagnosis, case formulation, and personal or organisational characteristics.

PLO 5: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of empirical investigation or inquiry as a scientist-practitioner, predicated on the principles of clinical psychological practice, with a variety of psychological phenomena or problems.

PLO 6: Demonstrate the ability to undertake effective communication across a range of individual and organisational contexts to engage clients and to convey, appraise, and interpret information relevant to professional practice and the client population.


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