MC189 - Master of Engineering (Electronic and Computer Engineering)

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Plan: MC189VI - Master of Engineering (Electronic and Computer Engineering)
Campus: RMIT University Vietnam

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion, you will have highly developed technical skills and be effective in international business settings. You will have gained extensive state of the art knowledge and skills in electronic and computer technologies, balanced with the development of advanced oral and written communication skills, teamwork and business acumen.

Completion of the program greatly enhances your employability in the design, manufacture and supply of electronic products, computer systems, and semiconductor fabrication. Your role as a professional engineer may extend from detailed design through to business management.

In the public sector you can provide the community with essential services in areas such as telecommunications, transportation, security, defense, health, emergency services and the environment.

At the completion of the program you should have developed the following capabilities:

  • Demonstrate high levels of technical competence in the field;
  • Apply creative problem solving approaches to work challenges and make decisions using sound engineering methodologies;
  • Apply systematic design approaches to engineering projects and develop strong design and research skills in the discipline area;
  • Communicate effectively across all modes of listening, speaking, reading, writing and drawing;
  • Apply the principles of lifelong learning to any new challenge; and
  • Balance the technical, economic, social and ethical demands of a problem in sustainable and culturally sensitive ways.

These graduate capabilities are aligned closely to the generic attributes of professional engineers as identified by Engineers Australia.

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