OUA10 - Master of International Business

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Plan: MC192OUEXE - Master of International Business
Campus: Open Learning Australia

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Students undertaking the Master of International Business will develop a body of knowledge in international business. The specific learning outcomes of this program relate to the development of knowledge and skills in research, operational leadership, cross-cultural competency, analytical and technical competency, problem-solving and effective communication.  The application of these will be demonstrated through interactive and experiential learning activities, case studies and assessments. 

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding and mastery of the concepts, principles, theories, methods and contemporary practices of international business, including discipline-specific knowledge relating to areas such as sustainability, business ethics, global and local cultures, accounting, management, marketing, logistics and economics.
  2. Demonstrate a reflective and critical awareness of the legal, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of business operations, processes and decisions.
  3. Apply technical, problem-solving and creative skills to provide contemporary international business perspectives and solutions to issues or problems in environments with high levels of complexity and uncertainty. 
  4. Conduct and manage business activities across borders, cultures and communities ethically and sustainably.
  5. Design and conduct research based on specific problems or questions, analyse data and information generated from research, and disseminate and communicate findings to stakeholders.
  6. Employ communication skills to communicate clearly and persuasively, and to negotiate, consult, listen and engage with clients, employees and other stakeholders.
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