MC201 - Master of Finance

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Plan: MC201 - Master of Finance
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

The program is designed to develop graduate capability outcomes, which aim to enhance general (analytical, problem solving, communication) and specific knowledge capabilities required to meet the current and future needs and expectations of society and the workplace. At the completion of this program you will have developed the knowledge and skills to be able to work as finance industry professionals. After graduating from this program you will be equipped to: 

  • Demonstrate a broad, critical and practical understanding of contemporary practice in business.
  • Apply concepts, principles, theories and methods in the area of finance, risk management, legal practice and corporate governance to contribute to the implementation of the financial goals of an organisation. 
  • Critically analyse and evaluate financial models to resolve problems using various solutions drawn from theories. 
  • Pursue continuous personal development and knowledge and skills relating to a business career. 
  • Engage with business activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner. 
  • Communicate ideas, intentions and outcomes clearly, and negotiate issues and resolve conflicts in bilateral and team settings using appropriate communication modes for specialists and non-specialist audiences.
  • Participate in teamwork in workplace contexts.
  • Apply research principles and methods to design innovative options and solutions for, and make reasoned judgements about, problems and issues in contemporary business practice.
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