MC266 - Master of Fine Art

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Plan: MC266 - Master of Fine Art
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

As a graduate, you will develop the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Conduct self directed studio based learning and independent research to develop your individual art practice and locate your artwork within appropriate contemporary, conceptual and theoretical contexts.
  2. Test, experiment and explore formal and conceptual issues through individual studio practice. 
  3. Analyse and evaluate global, social, cultural, environmental and historical knowledge and contexts that may inform your art practice.
  4. Research, analyse and synthesise information and select appropriate methods and resources within your art practice.
  5. Produce and participate in discourse and scholarship that is globally informed, culturally and socially aware, ethical and respecting of difference and diversity. 
  6. Engage in autonomous and continuous learning concerning new developments in artistic production and associated discourses. 
  7. Present a body of artwork that demonstrates a level of technical and conceptual excellence in contemporary art practice.
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