UC007 - Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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Plan: UC007 - Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of this certificate you will have achieved the following program learning outcomes. Each of these programs learning outcomes is developed in much greater depth in the Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics & Statistics) program.

Program Learning Outcomes:

PLO1. Personal and professional awareness

  • demonstrate a foundational understanding of the importance of context where data are drawn from diverse and evolving social, political and cultural dimensions
  • reflect on experience and improve your own future practice
  • apply the principles of lifelong learning to any new challenge

PLO2. Knowledge and technical competence

  • use appropriate introductory mathematical and statistical knowledge, methodologies and modern computational tools

PLO3. Problem-solving

  • demonstrate the ability to balance the complexity / accuracy of the mathematical / statistical models used and the timeliness of the delivery of the solution
  • apply knowledge to characterise, analyse and solve problems

PLO4. Teamwork, communication and project management

  • engage constructively with other team members and resolve conflict
  • communicate effectively by means of oral, written and graphical presentations to peers and a wider audience
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