UC011 - Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Science

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Plan: UC011 - Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Science
Campus: City Campus

Learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes Statement

Upon completion of this graduate certificate you will have achieved the following program learning outcomes. Each of these programs learning outcomes is developed in much greater depth in the Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) program.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO-1 Scientific knowledge

PLO-1.1 You will begin to gain a broad knowledge across the general sciences, with knowledge in core concepts.

PLO-1.2 You will gain knowledge in at least one discipline  and some understanding of interdisciplinary linkages.

PLO-2 Inquiry and Problem Solving

PLO-2.1 You will be able to plan and carry out some research under supervision, showing the development of some capacity for independent work.

PLO-2.2 You will be able to choose appropriate tools and methods to solve scientific problems within your chosen area of specialisation.

PLO-2.3 You will demonstrate problem-solving skills, applying your knowledge and using your ability to think analytically and creatively.

PLO-3 Communication

PLO-3.1 You will learn how to communicate the solution to a problem or the results of a scientific investigation using effective oral, written and presentation skills.

PLO-4 Personal and professional responsibility

PLO-4.1 You will develop a capacity for independent and self-directed work.

PLO-4.2 You will develop a capacity to work responsibly, safely, legally and ethically.

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