Design and Social Context research supervisors

The following are lists of Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) supervisors at the College of Design and Social Context (DSC). The listings are intended for use by current and prospective research students seeking academic advice and potential supervisors.

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School index

Architecture and Design

Dr Iftekhar Ahmed
Research Interests: Post-disaster reconstruction; Low-income housing; Disaster risk management; Disaster risk reduction; Climate change adaptation; Urban planning and design; Urbanization in developing countries; Informal settlements and slums; Asian cities; Vernacular archi

Dr Julia Alessandrini
Research Interests: 19th/20th century art history, Painting, Notions of empire, Space, Beauty, Materiality, Process, Fog, Smoke

Dr Charles Anderson
Research Interests: Landscape architecture, urban design, place-making, process, material thinking, generative procedures, open systems, time, movement, change, dissipative structures, complexity, collaboration, interdisciplinarity, poetics.

Assoc Professor Suzie Attiwill
Research Interests: Curatorial practice/design-led research foregrounding spatial, temporal, material relations in ecologies of living, inhabitation, subjectivity, learning and creative practice to re-pose concepts of interior and interiority.

Dr Areli Avendano
Research Interests: Design practice, Product/packaging design, Environmental/social sustainability, Innovation/strategic/service design/user-centered, Humanitarian design and global millennial goals: Design for health, Food, Ageing population.

Assoc Professor Mauro Baracco
Research Interests: Urban, architectural, landscape, infrastructural design for climate change, Urban, infrastructural, land regeneration, revegetation, reforestation, Urban territorial scale design focussed on integration between built and open environment, Urban sustainab

Mr Joshua Batty
Research Interests: Audiovisual, Creative coding, Electronic music, DSP, Generative, Audio processing, Real-time instruments, Granular synthesis

Assoc Professor Richard Black
Research Interests: Site knowledge and it s impact upon the design process. Designing the site as a strategic part of the design process. Interaction of built environments and ecological systems, Architecture landscape and infrastructure.

Professor Jane Burry
Research Interests: Architecture and mathematics; Flexible digital modelling in design; Transdisciplinary communication in design teams

Dr James Carey
Research Interests: Durational and time-based practices, Expanded notions of drawing, Temporal, [im]material and spatial relations, Contemporary art and design, Interior and spatial practice, Trans-disciplinary art and design practices.

Dr Graham Crist
Research Interests: Relationships between architecture and sustainability: architecture as a social/ethical activity and its impact on built form, and on the city. Understanding collaborative design processes. Local architectural cultures and their relationship with global p

Dr Mick Douglas
Research Interests: Art/design/performance of the public realm; inter/trans-disciplinary, inter-cultural & collaborative creative arts practice; socially-engaged creative practice; sustainable mobility & social innovation provocations through arts practice.

Assoc Professor Pia Ednie-Brown
Research Interests: Architecture and trans-disciplinary practice based research, with emphasis on process-oriented composition, biological and digital technologies, design innovation and evolution, embodiment, affect, ethics and aesthetics.

Mr Frank Feltham
Research Interests: Multi-modal interaction design. Technology interaction for play and discovery. Ethnographic methods. Research through design. Design prototyping.

Dr Liam Fennessy
Research Interests: Industrial design practice and pedagogy, and; Product-service System Design for: the conservation of biodiversity; pro-sustainability and socio-material behaviour change; health innovation, and design-led manufacturing.

Mr John Fien
Research Interests: Sustainability policy and practice, human dimensions of natural resource management, public participational, education for sustainability, social learning, learning and change.

Ms Judith Glover
Research Interests: Design, Sexuality and gender, Product design and female sexual health, Product design and aging population, Sustainability and social innovation

Mr Jeffrey Hannam
Research Interests: Ambisonic modelling, Spatial sound, Design, Place making, Low-vision, Pedestrian mobility

Assoc Professor Lawrence Harvey
Research Interests: Spatial sound composition and performance for large-scale diffusion systems, design padagogy for sound based studies, soundscape research of urban environments.

Ms Leah Heiss
Research Interests: Wearable technology; Art/science collaboration; Interior design; Next generation technologies in art practice; Nanotechnology in art practice.

Professor Sand Helsel
Research Interests: Interdisciplinary practice (architecture, art, landscape, engineering, urbanism); the collaborative project; land art and minimal art; site analysis and mapping techniques; design methods; design research and educational models; Asian urban design; micro-

Professor Anton James
Research Interests: Landscape architecture, Design, Landscape representation, Drawing as design tool, Site specificity, Design process

Dr Anna Johnson
Research Interests: Architecture and urbanism in Asia Pacific region and speculative contextual specificities. I work with critical writing and generative design, and the relationship between digital and analogue.

Dr Bridget Keane
Research Interests: Landscape Architecture, Material processes, New ecologies, Urban ecologies, Landscape systems

Mr Jordan Lacey
Research Interests: Soundscape Design, Sound Theory, Soundscape Composition, Urban Design, Everyday, Affective Environments, Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Ephemeral Installations, Performative Design, Sound-Art, Practice-led research, Acoustics.

Professor Carey Lyon
Research Interests: Designing public buildings, Cultural specificity, Architecture and the city, Conceptual and performative ideas, design operations, Design collaboration, Agency of representation

Dr Scott Mayson
Research Interests: Varied interests within the product development / manufacturing areas, but with a main focus on medical product design.

Dr Ross McLeod
Research Interests: Investigating the wavelike nature of the forces, rhythms, vibrations and energy fields that shape the physical world. Testing light, sound, material and production technologies specific to furniture, interior and architectural design. Developing approache

Assoc Professor Paul Minifie
Research Interests: Advanced architecture. Urban design. Process architecture and urbanism. Environmentally sustainable architecture.

Dr Scott Mitchell
Research Interests: Divergent consumer practices such as hacking and modding that reveal objects as sites of social and public action, inter-disciplinary art and design practice: critical/radical design, interaction and electronic design.

Professor Vivian Mitsogianni
Research Interests: Architectural design, process-based architectural design (rule-based, step by step, generative design processes), digital design techniques, public and civic architecture (including the changing role of the public/institutional project in Australia), art

Ms Philippa Murray
Research Interests: Contemporary art and design; Curatorial practice; Art and design history/theory; time-based arts; Trans-disciplinary art and design practices; Art criticism; Writing and publishing.

Dr Juliette Peers
Research Interests: Fashion history, textile history, decorative arts history, fashion and cultural theory, images of gender, popular culture, queer culture, cross-overs between fashion and art, film and theatre, women's culture and social history 19-20th century.

Dr Christine Phillips
Research Interests: Architecture and media, Australian architectural history and heritage, public architecture and community, new forms of architectural practice, public advocacy and engagement with architecture.

Ms Patricia Pringle
Research Interests: The changing histories of spatial experience and spatial perceptions; 19th and 20th century uses of spatial experience as a form of entertainment; spatial manipulation in conjuring, stage magic and illusion.

Dr Heike Rahmann
Research Interests: Digital technologies and landscape architecture, Asian urbanism and landscape, Civic and marginalised spaces, Designed ecologies

Dr Judith Rogers
Research Interests: Sustainable urban futures, Discourse analysis as a method for examining environmental talk and text, Sustainability education, Community consultation, Urban policy.

Dr Juan Sanin
Research Interests: Design, Co-Design, Cultural Studies

Mr Roland Snooks
Research Interests: Architectural design, Generative design, Robotic fabrication, Algorithmic design, Multi-agent systems, Swarm intelligence

Dr Michael Spooner
Research Interests: Research by design, design ethics, creative philosophy; transdisciplinary and intertextual modes of research, with a particular emphasis on the use of images and narrative.

Dr Marcelo Stamm
Research Interests: Philosophy of Creativity, Philosophy of Innovation, Creative Practice Research, Design Practice Research, Constellation Research, Collaboration, Theory of Emergence, Research Paradigm Discourses, The 'Practice Turn'

Assoc Professor Quentin Stevens
Research Interests: Urban design; Design and analysis of public spaces; Perception and behaviour in urban spaces; Temporary and informal interventions in urban spaces; Memorials and public art; Policy and management for public spaces.

Dr Caroline Vains
Research Interests: Relationship between performance and design, Consumer culture and late capitalist citites, Social innovation design, Temporary urban interventions, Pop-up culture, Event design, Spatial video projection, Body mapping, Situationism, Phenomenology

Assoc Professor Soumitri Varadarajan
Research Interests: Product and service system design in diabetes care, amplifying spending habits to reduce consumption, the car of the future, design practice and manufacturing in China and India.

Assoc Professor Karli Verghese
Research Interests: Life cycle assessment, sustainable packaging, product stewardship and design guides and tools, Food loss and food waste

Dr Malte Wagenfeld
Research Interests: Design of experiences, Objects, Environments and the role objects, systems and services play in shaping our lived experiences and the world: Air, Interior atmosphere, Sensory design, Perception, Phenomenology, Poetics, Time, Emergencies, Climate change

Mr Simon Whibley
Research Interests: The relationship between architecture and inhabitation in urban contexts; designing for distributed work and education; the urban role of housing.

Assoc Professor Gretchen Wilkins
Research Interests: Urban architecture laboratory, RMIT architecture

Professor Leon van Schaik
Research Interests: Working with practitioners who have established mastery in their field, engaging them in critical review of the nature of their mastery, its enabling structures, its knowledge bases, and the implications of the nexus between these for emerging forms of re

Mr Johan van Schaik
Research Interests: Design and Creative and Cross Disciplinary and Collaborative Practice Research, The Architecture of Public Buildings and Museums and Galleries and Exhibitions, Urban Design, Cities


Ms Pauline Anastasiou
Research Interests: Archiving of memory and the impact that new technologies have had on the gathering editing and the telling of family stories. Exploring the use of mobile media, Affect theory in relation to lens based image making.

Dr Marnie Badham
Research Interests: socially-engaged arts practice and theory, Community and cultural development, Evaluation, Cultural value, Politics of cultural measurementt, Community planning and deliberative democracy, Cultural policy

Dr Irene Barberis-Page
Research Interests: Intercultural projects; globalization, sustainability, aesthetics: Methodologies & creative project research: Drawing painting, installation, faith, Illuminated manuscripts, glass, tapestry, mosaic, fresco, specializing in Apocalypse texts and images

Dr Nicholas Bastin
Research Interests: The time traveller, the hero, contemporary mythology and associated merchandise, miniature object, jewellery and location, the habitat of the action figure

Dr Alison Bennett
Research Interests: Digital photography, Expanded photography, Digital media, New media art practices, Internet art, Queer artistic practice, Queertech, Posthumanism, Socially engaged practice, Creative practice as research

Dr Jazmina Cininas
Research Interests: Art and environmental sustainability, female werewolves, printmaking

Dr Ray Cook
Research Interests: Photography, Photographic practice, Queer theory and history, Identity and the economy, neoliberal culture and social control, the cultural constitution of sexuality

Dr Martine Corompt
Research Interests: Animation, Projection, Caricature, Minimalism, Reduction

Dr Gregory Creek
Research Interests: Art, learning, teaching, time and space, spatial practice and drawing, political histories and critique, collaborative practices, art learning and teaching

Mr Peter Cripps

Dr Rhett D'Costa
Research Interests: Contemporary painting, drawing and installation practices, Identity, memory, narrative and place with reference to cultural location, particularly within Asia

Professor Lesley Duxbury
Research Interests: Art and environmental sustainability, art and climate change, experience and perception of place, the atmosphere and its phenomena, landscape and walking, 19th century art and science

Mr Mark Edgoose
Research Interests: Object, Architecture, Space, Time, Experience, Craft, Gold and silversmithing, Function, Domestic, Object - making, Vessel, Presentation, Useful, Exhibition, Site, Form, Location, Material production

Dr Philip Edwards
Research Interests: Hybridity, early literature, abject in art, collaborative practices, outsider art

Assoc Professor Peter Ellis
Research Interests: Dada and Surrealist art, literature and history, animals in art, contemporary art, contemporary and historic painting and drawing, the natural world

Professor David Forrest
Research Interests: Music education, Arts education, Music industry, Piano pedagogy, Russian and Soviet music education, Teacher education.

Dr Michael Graeve
Research Interests: Sound art and culture, Spatial practice, Installation, Painting, Abstraction, Visual music, Cross-media relationships, Time and space, Sound composition/performance, Media histories, Conceptual art, Improvisation

Dr Ian Haig
Research Interests: Media art technologies, low culture, cinema, hybridity, pop & trash culture, video art, disease, the abject body, the psychopathological relationship to technology, web art, sex, death, body horror, the uncanny, disgust

Dr Richard Harding
Research Interests: Informed by architectural and queer theory my research utilises printmaking and photographic media to explore gender and sexual identity.

Dr Kirsten Haydon
Research Interests: Practice-led & project based research, material art practices, art and object making, contemporary jewellery, enamelling, goldsmithing, silversmithing, micromosaics, Antarctica, landscape and environment, notions of the souvenir, photography and objects

Mr Peter Hill
Research Interests: Art, Cities and Transformation - art and fiction, art and narrative, contemporary international painting

Dr Geoffrey Hogg
Research Interests: Intercultural, collaborative art in public space, urban arts, practice in Australia and overseas

Dr Tammy Hulbert
Research Interests: Curating contemporary art, urbanisation and art, arts management, art in public space practice and management, ceramics and installation art, contemporary Asian art and diasporic art

Assoc Professor Shane Hulbert
Research Interests: Photographic practice and theory, photographic technology, art, landscape, Australian culture and identity, borders and territories

Dr Ruth Johnstone
Research Interests: Art, environmental sustainability, time and space, art practice and architecture, 18th century decorative interiors, contemporary print practice, contemporary art installation practice

Dr Robin Kingston
Research Interests: Abstraction, contemporary painting and drawing, installation practice, materiality, process and play, attentiveness and phenomenology, intuition, seriality and repetition, ornamentation, the performative

Dr Laresa Kosloff
Research Interests: Performing body in art, humour, propositional artworks, conceptual art, video art, early cinematic slapstick

Mr Bronek Kozka
Research Interests: Art, environmental sustainability, art practice, new media, interactive narrative, representations of memory, with a particular emphasis on the use of images and the re-staging of remembered moments

Assoc Professor Keely Macarow
Research Interests: Art, socially engaged art, collaborative & interdisciplinary dialogues & practices, media & sound art, photography, writing, fiction, social justice, housing & homelessness, health & wellbeing, social & natural science, the body, disease, migration, cinem

Dr Maggie McCormick
Research Interests: Art, Cities and Transformation - Globalisation and culture, Art and urbanisation, Urban consciousness, Contemporary cultural concepts, Contemporary Chinese art practice, Art in public space

Dr Nikolas Pantazopoulos
Research Interests: Photography, Sculpture, Materiality, Minimalism, Conceptual art, Queer histories amd narratives, Psychosexual affect. Spatial politics

Mr Simon Perry
Research Interests: Art, sculpture, relief, space, time, perception, embodiment, the brain, temporal and spatial compression, urbanism, cities, art and architecture, materiality, ocularcentrism, speed, public art, interactive and kinetic art, art and the environment

Assoc Professor Dominic Redfern
Research Interests: Video art, video installation, performance & video, site based art, place based art, art and environment

Assoc Professor Philip Samartzis
Research Interests: Art, environmental sustainability, science and the body, sound culture, immersive environments, improvisation, audio technology, live audio-vision, soundscape, curatorial practices

Dr Kristen Sharp
Research Interests: Art and urban space, contemporary Asian art, collaborative practices in art, art and globalisation, public art, environmental art

Ms Fleur Summers
Research Interests: Art and neuroscience, embodied cognition and neuro-cognitive experience of art, interactive and kinetic works, sculpture and spatial practice, materiality, conceptual art, systems art and process based practice

Professor David Thomas
Research Interests: Painting, installation, photopainting; time, timing, duration, perception, concrete art, composites, social sculpture, monochrome, Eastern Western Art, transcultural practice

Ms Emma Weaver
Research Interests: Art and environmental sustainability, contemporary art, installation practice, painting and sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking, nature and science, the history of textiles

Mr Peter Westwood
Research Interests: Painting, drawing or cross-disciplinary practices, the role of text/writing within the broader framework of art practice, issues surrounding contemporaneity and the role of the artist within society

Assoc Professor Linda Williams
Research Interests: Art or theory related to: poetics & politics of nature, climate change, ecocritical theory, human-animal relations, species extinction, European philosophy, materialism, the body, Annales School history, histories of science and technology, globalization.


Dr Aleksandra Acker
Research Interests: Young children and music; cultural diversity

Dr Tass Barkatsas
Research Interests: Research quantitative methods, ICT in maths education, Students' and teachers' beliefs, attitudes, motivation and values in maths education, Calculus and Statistics issues in maths education, Inclusive practices in education

Dr Seth Brown
Research Interests: Health and physical education, Vocational education and training, Recreation, Youth studies, Elite athlete programs, Sport, Gender, Olympism and Poststrucuralist theory

Dr Nicola Carr
Research Interests: Use of interactive web applications in student learning, beginning teacher use of information and communications technologies, use of online communities of practice to support teacher professional learning and the role of school leadership in facilitating

Dr Grant Cooper
Research Interests: Theory of planned behaviour, STEM education, Student pathways in higher education, Under-represented groups in higher education, Under-represented groups in STEM

Dr Michael Crowhurst
Research Interests: Sexual/gender diversity in schools, whole-school responses, health promotion, reflective practice, teacher self-study, social theory, post-structural theory, critical theory, qualitative methods.

Dr Shane Duggan
Research Interests: Digital technologies; youth studies; youth transitions; identity; gender; mobilities; narrative studies; higher education; senior secondary; admissions; participatory methods

Professor Heather Fehring
Research Interests: Literacy assessment and reporting, literacy education, research design theory and practice, ethics and research practices, teaching and learning theory and practice and teacher workforce participation.

Professor Annette Gough
Research Interests: Environmental education, science education, education for sustainable development, research methodologies, feminist and postcolonial research, curriculum development, curriculum history and education policy studies.

Dr Emily Gray
Research Interests: Gender, sexuality and education, teacher identity and teacher's work, media and popular culture and its use within educational settings, alternative educational spaces for sexuality education

Assoc Professor Anne Harris
Research Interests: Creativity, Creative practice, Diversity and social inclusion, Digital ethnography, Video, Performance, gender and sexuality

Dr Elise Hunkin
Research Interests: Early chlidhod education and care: Quality discourse, Reform trends and discourse, Global and Australian policy governance, history of education philosophies and governance, Poststructural and feminist research methodologies

Dr Kate Jenkinson
Research Interests: Barriers to physical education and physical activity in schools; Secondary school physical education curriculum; Leadership and mentoring in pre-service teachers and physical activity/education environments

Dr Richard Johnson
Research Interests: Internationalising the curriculum, Intercultural teaching, Using blended learning: online and face-to-face pedagogy.

Assoc Professor Kathy Jordan
Research Interests: Teacher use of ICT, Sociology of ICT, Online discussion, English education, Educational technology theory, Literacy

Professor Peter Kelly
Research Interests: Young people and education, Training and work; Identity, Democracy and enterprise; Health and well-being; Foucault, Governmentality and care of the self, Bauman, Liquid modernity and ambivalence, Interpretive sociologies

Dr Pam MacIntyre
Research Interests: Reading engagement, Visual literacy and visual texts, Children's and young adult literature, Australian children's and young adult literature

Dr Patricia McLaughlin
Research Interests: Lifelong learning, Pathways, Construction education

Dr Rohan Nethsinghe
Research Interests: Multicultural Music education and research; Community Music/Arts; Applied and Lifelong learning; Professional learning for Music/Arts teachers; Sustaining cultural heritage; Phenomenology and Cognitive Apprenticeship Theory.

Dr Josephine Ng
Research Interests: Early childhood education and developments in Australia, China and Singapore, policy, change management, leadership, pedagogical approaches, children's learning, social capital and comparative education.

Assoc Professor Berenice Nyland
Research Interests: Infant and toddler programs, infants and language, young children and music, early childhood services in China, politics of childcare.

Dr Jude Ocean
Research Interests: Audit culture/society; Post-structuralist theory; Mathematics education: history of, military discourses in, cultural differences within, coaching, gender; Qualitative research.

Dr Rachel Patrick
Research Interests: Equity and social justice in education; Indigenous studies in education; Sociology of education; Teacher education policy and practice; Early career teachers; Teacher identity; Narrative inquiry; Poststructural and feminist methodologies

Dr Angela Rogers
Research Interests: Primary school mathematics education, number, place value, assessment design and development, formative assessment, Rasch modelling, curriculum development, growth mindset, app development, teacher education

Dr Peter Rushbrook
Research Interests: Workplace learning, Audit education, Vocational education, History of education, Qualitative research methodologies

Dr Rebecca Seah
Research Interests: Numeracy, students with special needs in the middle years, Teacher knowledge and professional learning, Diagnosis and intervention of mathematics disabilities/difficulties, Design-based research method, Geometric and Spatial reasoning

Dr Cheryl Semple
Research Interests: Language and literacy development, curriculum development and implementation, teacher education and knowledge.

Assoc Professor Geoffrey Shacklock
Research Interests: Teachers' work, Applied learning, Postcompulsory education, At-risk youth, Popular culture and identities, Education policy, Higher education learning and teaching, Narrative inquiry and life history.

Professor Dianne Siemon
Research Interests: Working with the big ideas in number, students number related ideas and strategies, formative assessment, mathematical problem solving and communication, pedagogy, curriculum development, teacher education, Indigenous education, educational change managem

Assoc Professor Amanda Telford
Research Interests: Particular research interests include physical activity behaviour, measurement, determinants and interventions within school and community settings.

Dr Ly Thi Tran
Research Interests: Cross-cultural pedagogies, culturally inclusive practices, curriculum development, international student experiences ranging from engagement in the Australian academic practices to social security issues.

Dr Jason Wong
Research Interests: Physical activity & health, Measurement of physical activity, Men's health, Workplace physical activity interventions

Fashion and Textiles

Dr Ehsan Bafekrpour
Research Interests: Nanocomposites, Finite element modelling, 3D printing, Elastic and visoelastic materials, Mechanical, Thermal, thermomechanical properties and functional applications including apparel and textiles

Professor Michael Beverland
Research Interests: Design innovation, Barriers to sustainable behaviours, Brand management, New product development

Dr Ricarda Bigolin
Research Interests: Critical fashion practice, representations of high fashion, desire and fiction, trans disciplinary strategies, cultural and commercial fashion exchanges, fashion design across publication, installation and performance

Dr Peter Boyd
Research Interests: Practice-led research, Design and innovation through making, Fabrication, technique and materiality, Publication, the printed matter

Assoc Professor Jessica Bugg
Research Interests: Practice led research and design methodologies at the intersection of fashion, Visual art and performance, the body and dress: embodied experience and communication, Design for dance, Performance, Conceptual fashion

Dr Andrea Eckersley
Research Interests: Painting, Fashion and art, Deleuze, affect theory

Mr Mac Fergusson
Research Interests: Forensic investigation of textiles, Colouration of textiles, Engineering and medical applications of textile materials.

Dr Angela Finn
Research Interests: Fashion Design, Fashion Manufacturing, Sustainable Fashion and Textiles, Design Methodology, Research Methodology, Practice-Led Research, Tacit Knowledge Transfer and Fashion Education

Dr Tarryn Handcock
Research Interests: Cross Disciplinary Design, Speculative and Critical Design, Design Practice Research, Body-Based Design Methodologies, Embodied Experience; Phenomenology: Human Skin, Dress and Wear; Human Ethics, Place and Site

Professor Robyn Healy
Research Interests: Fashion design, Fashion theory and history, exhibition and curatorial practices, museology, design practice research andcross-disciplinary research.

Dr Shadi Houshyar
Research Interests: Biodegradable polymers for biomedical application, Drug delivery, biomedical textile, Polymer and fibre composites, Protective apparel and physiological comfort.

Dr Pia Interlandi
Research Interests: Fashion design, Practice lead design, Death and dying, Funeral practice, Ritual, Forensics, Disgust, Textile and Fibre affordances, Fabrication, Materials and materiality, Sustainable practice, Ethics, Decomposition, Advocacy

Mr Saniyat Islam
Research Interests: Textile Material, Medical Textiles, Textile Finishing, Creative Materials, Technical Textiles

Dr Iryna Khodasevych
Research Interests: Electromagnetic waves propagation through micro/nanostructures and metamaterials (RF, THz, optical); Micro/nanostructures design, Modelling and applications (lenses, absorbers); Tunability approaches

Ms Georgia McCorkill
Research Interests: Design Practice Research, Making Practices, Designing Through Making, Co-design, Special Occasionwear, Design Activism, Sustainable Fashion, Product Service Systems in Fashion

Dr Nazia Nawaz
Research Interests: Protective clothing, Sportswear, Physiological and sensorial comfort aspects, Functional fabrics and clothing

Professor Rajiv Padhye
Research Interests: Textile manufacturing technology: chemistry and application of dyes; fibre science; fabric finishing; novel dyes and ink-jet printing; industrial fabric (non-woven) engineering and quality and performance testing (value added).

Dr Tarun Panwar
Research Interests: Fashion supply chain management, Sustainability, Fashion marketing and brand management

Mr Michael Peel
Research Interests: Socially-engaged public art, performance and live-art; creative practice-based investigation of mobility, migration, cosmopolitanism, hospitality, tourism and development; inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary and collective creative practice; social innovat

Dr Sean Ryan
Research Interests: Philosophy, especially Heidegger, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deconstruction, History of Philosophy; Fashion theory

Dr Caroline Swee Lin Tan
Research Interests: Customer-oriented business culture; Entrepreneurial marketing; Fast-growth firms; Competitive advantage; Strategic management; Services marketing.

Assoc Professor Olga Troynikov
Research Interests: Engineering and design of sport and performance apparel; Sustainable Product Design, Development and Engineering; Protective apparel and textile materials; Textiles for medical applications; Physiological comfort and human performance; Knitted fabrics/app

Dr Jenny Underwood
Research Interests: Textile design, design practice research, multi and trans-disciplinary research, 3d shape knitting, knitwear design, 3d digital parametric design

Dr Xin Wang
Research Interests: Nanofibre, Powder, Comfort, Surface

Assoc Professor Lijing Wang
Research Interests: Fibre material science, engineering and modelling; Electrical testing/sensing techniques and instrumentation; Smart/Functional/Performance textiles; Advanced composite materials

Global, Urban and Social Studies

Assoc Professor Marco Amati
Research Interests: Urban planning history, e-planning and the internet, Urban green spaces, Urban trees, Urban forest, Land reform in developing countries, Community planning and gambling, Eye-tracking and urban spaces

Dr Sharon Andrews
Research Interests: Social policy, Evidence based policy & practice; Human service delivery outcomes focused work, Higher Education policy, Academic freedom

Dr Hannah Badland
Research Interests: City systems; health and wellbeing; health inequities; liveability; public health; social determinants of health; social inequities; socioecological frameworks; spatial data; urban planning and policy.

Dr Brendan Barrett
Research Interests: Urban planning, Urban policy-making, Urban environmental management, Urban sustainability, Smart and low carbon citites, Urban energy systems, Climate change, Energy security, Local environmental governance

Assoc Professor Paul Battersby
Research Interests: global governance, Asian security studies, human security, international criminal law, global crime, corporate social responsibility, international history, IPE, globalization, international development, Australia's foreign relations

Professor Sarah Bekessy
Research Interests: Environmental and social sustainability

Dr Alexis Bergantz
Research Interests: French history, Australian history, Cultural history, World history, Imperial history, French-Australian relations and history, French Pacific world, Biography, Cultural history, the Francophone world

Professor Michael Berry
Research Interests: Housing markets and policy; environmental economics and policy; urban social theory; economics and public policy; urban development processes.

Professor Judith Bessant
Research Interests: Youth studies, policy, education, social theory and social history.

Dr Karyn Bosomworth
Research Interests: Social and institutional factors in public policy for climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and natural resource management

Dr Claire Boulange
Research Interests: Planning Support Systems, Geospatial models, Collaborative GIS, Soft GIS, Physical activity, Health promotion, Walkability

Assoc Professor Margaret Brown
Research Interests: Peace and Conflict Studies, peacebuilding, conflict prevention, conflict transformation and management, dialogue processes, reconciliation, working with legacies of violence; International politics, security and development

Professor Desmond Cahill
Research Interests: Immigrant and refugee movements and settlement; history, policy and practice in Australian immigration; ethnic community development; immigrant, refugee, multicultural and interfaith education; ESL/EFL and LOTE (languages other than English) education; se

Dr Robin Cameron
Research Interests: Terrorism, Counter-radicalisation, Social control, Urban protest, Disasters and urban space, Global crime, Refugees, Human security, Cyber-security, Critical security studies, International relations theory, Foucault, Post-structural analysis

Professor Chris Chamberlain
Research Interests: Youth and adult homelessness; applied social research; social class and inequality; contemporary housing policy; youth issues.

Dr Brian Coffey
Research Interests: Policy studies, Environmental policy, Governance, Interpretive policy analysis

Assoc Professor Val Colic-Peisker
Research Interests: Migration, Multi-culturalism, Ethnic relations, settlement of immigrants in Australia, refugee studies, post-communist Eastern Europe, urban studies, sociology of housing, NESB migrants in Australian labour.

Dr Benjamin Cooke
Research Interests: Human-environment relationships, Time and environment management, Rural-amenity migration and changing rural landscapes, Private land conservation policy, Environmental stewardship as concept and policy.

Dr Susan Costello
Research Interests: Violence in families; protective social work; indigenous housing; feminist and narrative approaches to family therapy; child and family support programs; human service management and local government.

Dr Chantal Crozet
Research Interests: Intercultural language teaching, Language and culture education, Applied linguistics, Discourse analysis, French studies

Dr Emma Dalton
Research Interests: Politics and gender, Feminism , Women in Japan, Gender issues in contemporary Japan

Professor Tony Dalton
Research Interests: Changing housing markets and distributional outcomes in a period of social and economic restructuring, housing and climate change and urban housing policy.

Dr Melanie Davern
Research Interests: Population health, liveability, Community wellbeing, Subjective wellbeing, Indicators, Engagement, Knowledge translation, Policy, visualisation

Dr Christina David
Research Interests: Disability, social support and care, individualised funding and support approaches, human services marketisation, human rights, social work, social policy

Professor Jago Dodson
Research Interests: Urban planning, Urban policy, Transport planning, Housing policy, Infrastructure, Urban governance, Urban energy, Urban vulnerability, Planning theory, Urban economics

Dr Andreanne Doyon
Research Interests: Urban governance, Sustainability transitions, Sustainable housing, Urban resilience, Climate change governance, Planning systems, Comparative research (Canada, Australia, etc.)

Dr Catherine Driscoll
Research Interests: Australian public policy, Policy making and political cartoons

Dr Anamaria Ducasse
Research Interests: Analysing communication and language primarily in assessment settings; discourse analysis and qualitative research methodologies; Second language teaching and learning, Language and identity

Dr Katherine Edwards
Research Interests: Youth sociology, Youth policy, Youth studies, Youth work, Feminist theory, Feminism, Women/gender and policy, Political participation and social movements, Prostitution and sex-trafficking, Young people and gloablization

Assoc Professor Veronica Egan
Research Interests: Supervision and practice in the human service sector, Violence against women, CALD students and practice.

Mr Michael Emslie
Research Interests: Youth work, Young people, Reflective practice, Work integrated learning

Dr Benno Engels
Research Interests: Urban restructuring; Victorian state politics; the media; Australian political economy; social policy; poverty.

Dr Sarah Foster
Research Interests: Built environment; Crime and fear of crime; Mental health; Walking; Sense of community; Alcohol consumption; Apartment design; Design policy; Quantitative analysis

Assoc Professor Hartmut Fuenfgeld
Research Interests: Climate change adaptation, urban governance

Dr Georgia Garrard
Research Interests: Urban biodiversity conservation, Planning & biodiversity in urban environments, Native grassland conservation, Adaptive management, Structured decision making, Quantitative and applied ecology.

Dr Ebadat Ghanbari Parmehr
Research Interests: Remote sensing, Photogrammetry, Spatial information, Multi-sensor data integration

Dr Erika Gonzalez Garcia
Research Interests: Community interpreting, Translation, Interpreting, Legal interpreting, Medical interpreting, Professionalism, Ethics, Cross-cultural communication

Professor Robin Goodman
Research Interests: Sustainable strategic planning, including planning for activity centres, green wedges, and the reduction in car dependency.

Dr Ascelin Gordon
Research Interests: Conservation Biology, Systematic Conservation Planning, Ecological Modelling, Population Modelling.

Dr Damian Grenfell
Research Interests: Nation-formation, state and peace-building, development in conflict and post-conflict societies, including interaction between customary and modern. National and Global social movements, with special emphasis on anti-capitalist movements. Timor-Leste.

Assoc Professor Jose Guevara
Research Interests: Popular and community environmental education in the Asia-Pacific region; HIV-AIDS education; community and eco Tourism; participatory action research; international aid and development; community development; local and global sustainability.

Dr Lucy Gunn
Research Interests: Relationships between the built environment and health, Walking behaviour, Physical activity and economic evaluations of built environment interventions.

Assoc Professor Hariz Halilovich
Research Interests: Place, Displacement & emplacement, Forced migration, Diaspora studies, Conflict & peace studies, Genocide & mass violence, War windows, Memory studies, Commemorations & remembrances, Archives & museums, Exile literature

Dr Lisa Harris
Research Interests: Community, cyberspace, elearing, Human services practice and innovation, public and social policy related to human services

Dr Vandra Harris
Research Interests: International development, particularly as it relates to: gender, culture, security, human movement, participation, partnerships, globalisation, community development, Southeast Asia & the Pacific.

Dr Kathryn Hegarty
Research Interests: Education for sustainability; Scholarship of learning & teaching; curriculum, Pedagogy & learning design; Urban agriculture & community sustainability initiatives; Research training & pedagogy.

Dr Nicola Henry
Research Interests: Sexual violence, Rape, Sexual harassment, Digital abuse, Transitional justice, Human rights, Genocide, Crimes against humanity, War crimes, International courts and tribunals, Discrimination, Trauma, Collective memory

Dr Georgina Heydon
Research Interests: Analysing communication and language in a legal setting, particularly relating to police interviewing, criminal records, lie detection and cross-cultural communication; use of a critical discourse analysis framework and the micro-analysis of texts.

Professor Jean Hillier
Research Interests: Urban and Planning Theory, Public participation, Cultural Heritage, Decision-making in local government

Assoc Professor Kim Humphery
Research Interests: Practices and theories of consumption, particularly in Australia; the history and ethics of Western and cross-cultural research practices in Australia; the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and health interventions.

Dr Charles Hunt
Research Interests: Security and justice sector reform; policing; Peace operations; Peacebuilding; Humanitarianism; Responsibility to protect and protection of civilians in armed conflict; African Security; monitoring and evaluation.

Dr Joe Hurley
Research Interests: Strategic urban planning, Sustainability performance assessment methodologies, Sustainable cities.

Dr Susan Hutchings
Research Interests: Indigenous Studies, Social Anthropology, Indigenous Knowledges, Native Title, Juvenile Justice, Family Law, Indigenous youth and families, Aboriginal Site Protection, Socially conscious music production

Dr Reina Ichii
Research Interests: Development economics, Feminist economics, Public policy, Public finance, Gender and development, Time use research.

Assoc Professor John Jackson
Research Interests: Social planning; professional practice; work-integrated learning; development planning.

Professor Paul James
Research Interests: Globalism, nationalism and localism, including the changing nature of the nation-state and the effects of an emergent level of global integration; Social theory with a concentration on theories of culture and social formation; Contemporary politics with a

Professor Guy Johnson
Research Interests: Housing, homelessness, substance abuse, stigma

Assoc Professor Martyn Jones
Research Interests: Contemporary contexts of social work; practice research; work integrated learning; professional supervision.

Dr Binoy Kampmark
Research Interests: Institution of war, diplomacy, international relations, 20th century history, terrorism, and international law

Dr Elizabeth Kath
Research Interests: State capacity, social capital, public health (esp. maternal-infant health), Latin America and Caribbean (esp. Cuba), public policy, reconciliation.

Professor Renata Kokanovic
Research Interests: Narrative approaches to mental illness, chronic illness and neurodiversity, the dynamics of caregiving, health decision making, critical health humanities, interdisciplinary research and practice

Dr Miranda Lai
Research Interests: Police interpreting, Cognitive interviewing, Investigative interviewing, Community interpreting, Community translation, Public service interpreting, Public service translation, Ethics, Pedagogy of translating and interpreting

Dr Carmel Laragy
Research Interests: Provision of flexible and responsive services to people with a disability and the ageing based on principles of self-determination and empowerment: in particular, individual funding (consumer directed care).

Dr Julian Lee
Research Interests: Civil society; human rights; women's rights; sexual orientation and gender identity; religion; inter-faith dialogue; Islam, Multiculturalism; democracy. Countries or regions of focus; Malaysia, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Dr Lynne Li
Research Interests: Multilingualism and globalism, second language acquisition, English Language Studies, Professional development of teachers, TESOL and LOTE teaching methodology, and other Language and Culture.

Dr Tiebei Li
Research Interests: Urban and Transport Geography, Spatial modelling and analysis, Population and job locations

Dr Margaret Liddell
Research Interests: Child Protection; Youth Justice; Crime Prevention; Minority groups and their contact with the criminal justice system (ie Pacific Islanders, Sudanese, Women etc); Theoretical explanations of women's offending patterns; Migration and trafficking of women a

Dr Liang Ma
Research Interests: Urban Planning; Built Environment and Travel Behaviour; Active Travel; Bicycling Policy and Planning; Quantitative Methods; GIS (Spatial Analysis); Urban Economics

Dr Leila Mahmoudi Farahani
Research Interests: Urban Studies, Sense of Community, Suburban Studies, Human-environment interaction, Environmental Psychology, Urban Sociology, Social life, Place Making, Greening, Liveability, Ecological approaches to health and wellbeing

Dr Jonathan Makuwira
Research Interests: Role of Civil society Organisations (CSOs) in development. Aid effectiveness. Poverty alleviation/eradication in developing countries, Post-conflict development and peace building. Community development and capacity building. Comparative indigenous s

Dr Peta Malins
Research Interests: Drug and alcohol issues, Policing practices, Graffiti, Urban space, Gender diversity, Queer theory, Consumer ethics, Human-animal connections, Post-structural criminology and the work of Deleuze and Guattari

Dr Cecily Maller
Research Interests: Community sustainability (environmental/social), migrant cultures, health and wellbeing, climate change adaptation, consumption, people-environment relationships, housing, social practice, theory, qualitative research.

Dr Peter Marden
Research Interests: Social theory; political philosophy; globalisation; international development; social justice.

Dr Helen Marshall
Research Interests: Qualitative methods

Dr Sonia Martin
Research Interests: Inequality; welfare reform; social policy; community development; choice

Dr Marietta Martinovic
Research Interests: Corrections, Community based corrections, Prisons, Punishment, Electronic monitoring, Comparative criminal justice and social crime prevention.

Dr Luis Mata
Research Interests: Ecology, Biodiversity and conservation of urban environments; Tools to bring nature back into cities; Plant-animal ecological interactions; Response of insect communities to disturbance and management; Citizen science.

Dr Chris Maylea
Research Interests: Mental health law, Mental health social work, Coercive social work, Involuntary mental health treatment, Social work with fathers, Program management and evaluation, Mental health management, Critical social work

Professor Jock McCulloch
Research Interests: Politics of development. Colonial history of Southern Africa. Post-colonial studies. Medical sociology

Dr Blythe McLennan
Research Interests: Disaster risk reduction, disaster resilience, disaster and emergency management policy, qualitative social research methods for applied research.

Dr Ian McShane
Research Interests: Cultural heritage and institutions, especially museums; Social infrastructure; Informal education systems; Public policy and public management.

Dr Glenda Mejia
Research Interests: Latin American Cinema (Cuba and Mexico in particular), Women Studies (Intersectionality), Sociolinguistics (Language and Identity), Latin American Migration to Australia, Pedagogy

Assoc Professor David Mercer
Research Interests: Australian environment policy. Natural resource management. Sustainable cities. Social impact assessment

Professor Pavla Miller
Research Interests: History and sociology of the family; feminist theory; theories of patriarchy, demographic explanations of low fertility, masters and servants legislation; history of education; time use and household relations.

Dr Susie Moloney
Research Interests: Urban planning, Urban policy and governance, Urban sustainability, Climate change policy and practice, Social practice change, Community engagement

Dr Kerry Montero
Research Interests: Youth work practice, Adolescent health and wellbeing, Road safety education, Health promotion

Dr Kerry Jane Mullan
Research Interests: Cross-cultural communication, interactional style (French and Australian English), discourse analysis, pragmatics.

Assoc Professor Martin Mulligan
Research Interests: Environmental and community sustainability.

Assoc Professor Suellen Murray
Research Interests: Social policy concerning violence against women, history of domestic violence services, care-leaver life histories and social policy, Australian women's peace movement, in-depth interviewing and oral history

Assoc Professor Yasothara Nadarajah
Research Interests: Study of communities as both conscious and unconscious search for wellbeing, identity and belonging, local-global sustainability, community engaged & qualitative research methodologies in cross-cultural environments (PNG, Sri Lanka, Malaysia).

Dr Melissa Neave
Research Interests: Environmental management, natural resource management, water resource management, landscape processes, run-off and erosion processes, fluvial geomorphology, physical geography, geographic education, biophysical links.

Dr Megan Nethercote
Research Interests: Housing, Urban development, Critical urban geography, Indigenous housing policy,

Dr Larissa Nicholls
Research Interests: Energy policy, Energy efficiency, Energy practices, Household practices, Exercise practices, Urban design and health, Community, Food safety

Dr Sharlene Nipperess
Research Interests: Human Rights (in relation to critical social work, people experiencing mental distress, people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the environment) Social Work Ethics.

Dr Caroline Norma
Research Interests: Translation and interpreting, women's studies, Japan studies, Korea studies, violence against women, feminist politics.

Dr Angelika Papadopoulos
Research Interests: Higher education policy, Contemporary Australian social policy and practice, Social theories, Welfare history and social inequality/stratification, Diaspora and articulated identity, Theory and practices in social work education

Dr Nicole Pepperell
Research Interests: Social, economic and political theory, Marx & Marxism, critical theory, social & intellectual movements, social history, history & philosophy of science & social science, social science research methods (quantitative & qualitative).

Ms Kath Phelan
Research Interests: Urban planning

Dr Peter Phipps
Research Interests: Postcolonialism, Global cultural studies, Nat'l identities and modernity, Indigenous- relations, & festivals, Cultural politics, Urban ethnic precincts, Anthropology of tourism, Australia, PNG, Hawaii, Balkans, USA, Tibetan diaspora, Asia-Pacific.

Assoc Professor Libby Porter
Research Interests: Urban planning, Critical urban governance, Indigenous people and planning, Gentrification and displacement, Urban sustainability, Planning theory

Dr Anastasia Powell
Research Interests: Violence against women, Rape law reform, Sexual Violence prevention, Online sexual harassment

Dr Kaye Quek
Research Interests: Feminist politics, Human rights, Gender, Violence against women, Human trafficking, International law

Assoc Professor Paul Ramcharan
Research Interests: Disability, Disability policy, Disability advocacy, Human Rights and Disability, Restrictive practices and Disability.

Dr Lauren Rickards
Research Interests: Anthropocene, Climate change, Resilience, Adaption, Transformation, Urbanism, Rural, Agriculture, Futures

Dr James Rowe
Research Interests: Law reform, social justice, street-based sex work and public policy making (particularly in relation to the aforementioned issues).

Dr Ravi Roy
Research Interests: Global studies, Political economy, International development, International relations.

Dr Michele Ruyters
Research Interests: Gender and sport; gender and physical identity; biographical disruption; wrongful conviction

Dr Larissa Sandy
Research Interests: Sex work, Human trafficking, Development, Southeast Asia, Gender and sexuality, Applied anthropology, Globalisation, Sexual violence, Critical criminology, Queer criminology, Feminist theories, Gendered violence, Victimology

Dr Rajesh Sharma
Research Interests: Dispute Resolution (Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration), Investment Arbitration, International Trade, Investment Law and Policy, International Political Economy, Globalisation and Regional Integration.

Professor Joseph Siracusa
Research Interests: International Diplomacy, Ethical and Humanitarian Intervention, International Security, Australia-United States Security issues, United Nations reform, Strategic responses to terrorism.

Dr Russell Solomon
Research Interests: Human security issues, Australia's engagement with the international human rights regime, rights based approach to policymaking, economic/social and cultural rights

Dr Ceridwen Spark
Research Interests: Gender, Urbanisation, Gender and education, Women's leadership, Gender and ethnicity, Cross-cultural interaction, Biography

Assoc Professor Wendy Steele
Research Interests: Urban planning, Policy and governance, Urban security and justice (climate, food, water, energy, housing)

Professor Manfred Steger
Research Interests: Theories and Ideologies of Globalization, Nonviolence and Peace: Political, Religious, and Historical Perspectives, Comparative Political Ideologies, Comparative Political Theory, History of Political Thought: Global Traditions, Modern and Contemporary Po

Dr Gregory Stratton
Research Interests: Wrongful conviction, Miscarriages of justice, Media and crime, Digital criminology, Internet research, Technology and crime

Dr Yolande Strengers
Research Interests: Social practice theory; climate change; sustainability; smart meters; smart grids; science and technology studies; technology-human relations; social change

Dr Elizabeth Taylor
Research Interests: Urban planning, housing markets, housing policy, car parking policy, NIMBY conflict

Professor Stuart Thomas
Research Interests: Policing vulnerable populations, Outcome measurement, Mental health epidemiology, Stigma, Violence, Problem gambling and crime

Dr Briony Towers
Research Interests: Child-centred disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, Critical pedagogy, Community based disaster risk reduction, Emergency management

Dr Aiden Warren
Research Interests: International Security, US national security and foreign policy, US Politics, International Relations (esp. great power politics), WMD Policy, broader interest in International Political Economy.

Dr Juliet Watson
Research Interests: Homelessness, Violence against women, Social exclusion, Social capital, Feminist theory and activism, Intersectionality, Embodiment, Young people

Professor Robert Watts
Research Interests: Labour market restructuring and social security policy in the 21st century. Private investment in public infrastructure. The history of social theory in Australia. The history of eugenics in Australia. Youth culture and bodgies and widgies. Youth policy.

Dr Leone Wheeler
Research Interests: Learning partnerships, learning networks, lifelong learning, learning communities of place, adult learning, social capital

Assoc Professor John Douglass Whyte
Research Interests: Indigenous studies, post-colonial theory, cross-worldview social work practice, research methods, chaos/complexity theory.

Professor Charlotte Williams
Research Interests: Race/Ethnicity/cultural diversity & welfare policy & practice, Social Work and Equalities, Civil society - minority organisations, participation & governance, Cross-cultural/Transnational social work, Multiculturalism/Migration and Mobilities

Professor Gavin Wood
Research Interests: Urban Studies; Public Policy; Urban Economics.

Dr Ian Woodcock
Research Interests: Urban design, Public space, Sense of place, Mobility, Walkability, Urban morphology and typology, Multiculturalism and social inclusion, Urban intensification, Transit-oriented development, Transport and land use integration

Professor Christopher Ziguras
Research Interests: The impacts of technological change and globalization on the consumption and production of healthcare and education.

Media and Communication

Assoc Professor Yoko Akama
Research Interests: Communication design, human-centred design, service design, community empowerment, sustainability and social-capital building, artefacts and visualisations as design 'scaffolds' for facilitating engagement. Supervision availability: M and PhD

Dr Emsie Arnoldi
Research Interests: Strategic communication, Marketing communication, Intercultural communication, Integrated marketing communication, Online communities, Sustainability issues, Migrant communities

Dr Michelle Aung Thin
Research Interests: Creative writing; skin, Authenticity intimacy and belonging in mixed-race representation; Postcolonial theory; Mobility; Mobile phones; Burma/Myanmar

Dr Christopher Barker
Research Interests: Animation studies, interactive media, tangible media, photogrammetry, anamorphosis, digital projections, urban screen studies, networked media, performance research, practice-led research.

Assoc Professor Craig Batty
Research Interests: Screenwriting practice; screenwriting theory; screenwriting pedagogy; narrative structure; storytelling; screen characters; film and emotional experience; fact and fiction in film and TV; TV drama; creative writing; media writing; professional writing.

Dr Leo Berkeley
Research Interests: Screen production practice, Drama production; Community media; Independent filmmaking; Improvisation; Machinima, The essay film

Dr Marsha Berry
Research Interests: Narrative and cultural studies, performing arts, interactive narrative, information architecture, narrative, new media, HCI, storytelling, interaction design and cross cultural aesthetics.

Dr Bruce Berryman
Research Interests: Collaboration, Interdisciplinary production, Online learning, Digital learning, Digital radio, Organisational behaviour, Annotation

Dr Julie Bilby
Research Interests: Advertising industry practice, Advertising creativity, Consumer creativity, Cultural values, Marketing, Emerging markets, China

Dr Daniel Binns
Research Interests: Film theory and analysis, War, Conflict and media representation, Hollywood cinema and the history of American film, French cinema, esp. French New Wave and contemporary, Narrative, Story and transmedia storeytelling, Media theory

Professor Linda-Marie Brennan
Research Interests: The use (and abuse) of advertising and communications in behavioural change and social marketing.

Dr Shelley Brunt
Research Interests: Ethnomusicology, World music, popular music and culture, Music and diasporas, Music festivals, Popular music in Asia/Japan, Music and television, Film music, Community music-making, the ukulele, Gender studies and music.

Dr Judy Burnside-Lawry
Research Interests: Deliberative democratic processes, Participatory communication, Voice Listening, Inclusive decision-making and symmetrical organisation-citizen engagement, Multi-stakeholder collaboration: global, national & industry governance, Communication practice.

Dr Ben Byrne
Research Interests: Sonic art, media and culture; Digital media; Identity, mediation and the environment; Sound studies and philosophy; Scholarly creative research practices using digital technologies.

Assoc Professor David Carlin
Research Interests: Creative non-fiction; film and television documentary and drama practice; memory and trauma studies; convergent media practice.

Dr Bonny Cassidy
Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; Australian literature; Australian poetry; colonial and postcolonial literary criticism; ecopoetics and ecocriticism; ekphrasis; literary and creative pedagogy.

Dr Carlos Castillo Rojas
Research Interests: Dr Antonio Castillo research brings together democracy, politics and journalism. Latin American journalism is his current area of research, a research that explores the major trend shaping the news landscape of this region.

Professor Robert Crawford
Research Interests: Advertising, Communication, History, Marketing, Media

Dr Linda Daley
Research Interests: Literature and its relation to: the book, writing, narrative, critique, authorship; indigenous knowledge and cultural production; visual culture and media technologies; pedagogy as practice. Supervision availability: MA, PhD

Dr Adrian Danks
Research Interests: Film history; Film authorship; Aesthetics of film technology; Film style; Australian, Iranian, British and French cinema; Experimental cinema; Documentary; Home movies; Film culture.

Dr Philip Dearman
Research Interests: Histories of communication technologies, workplace organisation, contemporary re-definitions of expertise, education and technology, national literatures (esp. Australian and German post-war) as technologies of personal and collective memory.

Dr Lisa Dethridge
Research Interests: Screenwriting, storytelling, interactive design, creative writing, media history, simulation and virtual communications.

Dr Glen Donnar
Research Interests: Gender studies; Masculinities; Hollywood & American film & TV; Genre studies (especially horror, sci-fi & action); Terrorism in popular culture; Cultural responses to 9/11; Popular culture & society (including gender in Asia)

Dr Jonathan Duckworth
Research Interests: Virtual reality, Interactive media art, Arts and sciences, Serious games, Interaction design and tangible computing for Disabilities and Rehabilitation.

Assoc Professor Adrian Dyer
Research Interests: Vision Scientist and photographer seeking to understand how the representation of an image is created, and can be used to interpret the complex world in which we live. Research interests centre on understanding how visual systems learn perceptually diffi

Dr Marius Foley
Research Interests: Communication design.

Professor Lisa French
Research Interests: Australian cinema, gender; feminist film and cultural studies; cinema: industry, culture and policy; film exhibition and distribution; culture and identity and creative production research.

Dr Jair Eduardo Garcia Mendoza
Research Interests: Colour Vision, Animal Vision, Eye Tracking, Visual Ecology, Digital Imaging, Forensic Science, Invisible Radiation (Ultraviolet and Infrared) Photographic Science

Dr Stephen Gaunson
Research Interests: Australia cinema; Australian Screen Culture; Adaptation; Genre; Historical cinema; Film Industries

Dr Andrew Glover
Research Interests: Sustainability, Consumption, Air travel, Digital ethnography, Mobility, Reuse, Waste, Practices, Sociology

Dr Catherine Gomes
Research Interests: Migration, Mobility, International students, Multiculturalism, Society and culture in Asia particularly Singapore, Identity, Race and racism, Memory, Media and social media

Dr Edgar Gomez
Research Interests: Digital ethnography, Digital photography, Practice theory, Visual culture, Screen cultures, Social media

Assoc Professor Cathy Greenfield
Research Interests: Communication and governing populations; Media rhetoric, Politics, Populism, Financialisation; approaches to population and power; Genealogies of populism and democracy; Communication and sustainability; media and sport.

Assoc Professor Stefan Greuter
Research Interests: Electronic games. Computer graphics. Procedural generation. Real-time 3D environments. Real-time 3D art.

Dr Olivia Guntarik
Research Interests: Cultural theory, race and ethnic relations, cultural heritage, indigenous cultural studies, Malaysian cultural politics and postcolonial literature.

Dr Neal Haslem
Research Interests: Communication design, graphic design, intersubjective design practice, philosophy of design, design and ethics, practice-led research, reflective practice, phenomenological practice and research.

Assoc Professor Bradley Haylock
Research Interests: Communication design, Typography, Book design, Independent publishing, Critical design, Political art, Design theory, Design critisism, Design activism, Cultural studies, Baudrillard studies

Professor Anna Hickey-Moody
Research Interests: Arts practice as research, socially engaged practice, disability, religion, masculinity, media arts, feminist theory, ethnography.

Dr Rebecca Hill
Research Interests: Feminist theory especially sexual difference. Difference (Irigaray, Derrida, Deleuze, Bergson). Critical race theory and whiteness studies. Cultural studies. Queer theory.

Dr Jussi Holopainen
Research Interests: Game design, Design research, Playability, User experience, Interaction design, Playful interactions, Play studies, Game research, Game studies

Dr Chengju Huang
Research Interests: Asian media studies, particularly Chinese media studies; international communication/comparative media systems; terrorism and media; and global media transition.

Assoc Professor Chris Hudson
Research Interests: Southeast Asian nationalism; the politics of representation; the press in Southeast Asia; and gender issues in Asian societies; Asian literature; Asian popular culture; Asian cities.

Dr Alexia Kannas
Research Interests: Film genre, cult cinemas, cinematic modernism, film music and sound

Dr Seth Keen
Research Interests: New media and experimental practices, Narrative, Non-fiction, Interactive documentary, Video, Online video, Interaction design, Designing audio-visual archives and tools. Supervision availability: MA, PhD

Dr Patrick Kelly
Research Interests: Interactive media, Narrative, Digital storeytelling, Mobile media, Digital ethnography, Documentary production, Digital media and technology in everyday life, Experimental practices, Online video, Social media, Animation

Dr Jenny Kennedy
Research Interests: Sharing economy, Social media, Social & cultural theory, Socio-cultural use of media technologies in everyday life.

Dr Rohit Khot
Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Playful Interaction Design, Quantified self, Food printing,Tangible and Embodied Interactions, Physical visualisations, Human Food Interactions (HFI), Sports and Spectator interfaces

Mr Vikrant Kishore
Research Interests: Indian Cinema, Bollywood, Song and Dance, Screen Production Practice, Indian Performing Arts, Asian Cinemas, Caste Politics, South Asian Folk and Popular Culture, Reality Television, Gender Representation in South Asian Media

Professor Tania Lewis
Research Interests: Sociology of media & culture; culture & globalization; lifestyle politics; reality TV; consumer culture; ethical consumption; green citizenship; cultural approaches to sustainability; social & cultural theory; lifestyle media & consumption in Asia

Professor Jeff Lewis
Research Interests: Media and cultural theory; transculturalism; new communications technology; textual studiesl globalisation studies; cultural democracy and the medial AIDS health promotion in Vietnam; talkback radio; 9/11, terror and the mediation of war.

Dr Leah Li
Research Interests: Digital Media, Crisis Communication, Nation/City Branding, TV Program Development, Media Representation, User Behaviour Research, Public Diplomacy, Marketing Strategy, Journalism

Assoc Professor Peter Ling
Research Interests: Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Team Creativity.

Dr Ramon Lobato
Research Interests: Media industries, Audiences, Film, Television, Digital media, Streaming, Distribution, Copyright, Piracy, Global media, Cultural studies, Cinema studies, Screen studies, Cultural theory

Dr Brigid Magner
Research Interests: New directions in publishing, History of the book, Trans-Tasman literacy culture, Australian and New Zealand literature

Mr James Manning
Research Interests: Game design, Game studies, Interactive and digital media, Digital culture, Animation, Animation aesthetics, Fan cultures, Visual and cultural studies, Design methodology, Design history, Practice as research, Design research

Dr Linje Manyozo
Research Interests: Communication for development and social change, media, development and democracy, community development, visual anthropology, participatory communication

Mr Christian McCrea
Research Interests: Game design, game studies, Japanese popular culture, fan cultures, cultural theory, anime, animation, sub-cultural studies.

Ms Rose Michael
Research Interests: Creative writing; Publishing; Practice-led research; Speculative fictions and cross-genre experimentation; Literature of the Anthropocene.

Assoc Professor Adrian Miles
Research Interests: Interactive video, interactive documentary and notification, hypertext, digital poetics, new media pedagogy, media studies education, digital humanities

Dr Ed Montano
Research Interests: Electronic dance music culture, Popular music scenes, Music industry, Music media, Ethnography, Music technology

Dr Brian Morris
Research Interests: Space, place and globalisation; contemporary urban cultures; urban rivalry; the contemporary Japanese city; communication and technology.

Professor Florian Floyd Mueller
Research Interests: Exertion games, exergames, computer games research, human-computer interaction, interaction design, interface design

Dr Adam Nash
Research Interests: Virtual environments, Virtual and augmented reality, Games, Game mechanics and story, Multi-user environments, Interactive Media, Networks, Digital data in art and design, Artificial intelligence/evolution in art and design, Post-convergent media.

Dr David Nichols
Research Interests: Urban history, planning history, social history, urban planning

Dr Lukas Parker
Research Interests: Marketing communications, Marketing, Social marketing.

Dr Thomas Penney
Research Interests: Digital, 3D, Interactive and internet art, Play theory, Games, Queerness, Online dating, Sexuality, Cultural subversion, Caricature, Humour, Critical distance, Social media, Internet and digital media politics and criticism

Assoc Professor Fiona Peterson
Research Interests: Leadership of learning and teaching, scholarship of learning and teaching, knowledge networks and virtual communication

Dist. Professor Sarah Pink
Research Interests: Digital media in everyday life; Sustainability and energy; Consumer research; Digital, visual and sensory ethnographic methodologies; Ethnography in design, Arts practice, Construction industry and safety research.

Dr Philip Pond
Research Interests: Digital communication & culture, media & journalism, politics & the public sphere, social cohesion, crisis communication, methodologies, software & data architectures

Dr John Postill
Research Interests: Activism, Social media, Digital media, Social movements, Sociocultural change, Media anthropology, Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia, SE Asia, Europe.

Mr John Power
Research Interests: Developing prototypes for new production methods in time-based virtual art to expand on and challenge conventional ideas about continuity and space in screen narrative. These methods incorporate the use of 2D and 3D computer aided animation, digital compo

Assoc Professor Francesca Rendle-Short
Research Interests: Creative writing, practice-led research, experimental writing and hybrid forms, autobiography and memoir, writing the body, "life writing" and fiction, microfictions, creative writing and wellbeing. Supervision availability: M and PhD

Assoc Professor Ellie Rennie
Research Interests: Indigenous media, Internet adoption and use in remote areas, Digital inclusion, Community media, Social aspects of blockchain innovation.

Dr Toni Roberts
Research Interests: Interpretation design, Museums and visitor experience, Design management, Designer roles, Case study, Nature in zoos and museums

Dr Jennifer Robinson
Research Interests: Media psychology, Public relations, Young Adults @ Media, Interactive media, New media & strategic communication, Risk communication, Eye-tracking and psychophysiology

Dr Ian Rogers
Research Interests: Popular music, Music venues, Musicians, Music scenes, Ideology

Dr Ronald Scott
Research Interests: Graphic narratives, comics, new forms of non-fiction, independent publishing, narratology, space in narrative, contemporary fiction, queer narratives

Dr Andrea Simionato
Research Interests: Electronic literature, Electronic book, Future of the book, Machinic drawing, Electronic art, Speculative design, Book design, Publishing, Artists' books

Dr Jolynna Sinanan
Research Interests: Digital ethnography/anthropology, Digital media and communication, Social media, Families, Migration, Socio-cultural use of media technologies in everyday life, Gender and media practices

Dr Marianne Sison
Research Interests: Advocacy communication; Diversity and inclusion; Global public relations; Strategic communication; Organisational values; Corporate social responsibility; International education; Multiple stakeholder approach; SE Asia

Mr Peter Sorenson
Research Interests: Visual semiotics and iconography. The us of visual imagery in consumer choice. Image-making to elicit and embody ideas for individual development, design and business. Graphic design theory.

Dr Catherine Strong
Research Interests: Popular music, Gender, Collective memory, Popular culture heritage

Dr Helen Stuckey
Research Interests: Game Studies, Videogame History, Game Fandom, Digital Media Preservation, Media Art History, Digital Heritage, Digital Media Curation, Museum 2.0

Dr Shanti Sumartojo
Research Interests: Atmosphere, Public space, Design ethnography, Commemoration, Healthcare environments

Dr Stayci Taylor
Research Interests: screenwriting, script development, comedy, web series, creative writing, gender, feminism, creative practice, creative practice research, interdisciplinary collaboration

Dr Allan Thomas
Research Interests: Cinema Studies, Film History, Film Theory, Film-Philosophy, Gilles Deleuze

Dr Li Ping Thong
Research Interests: Serious games, Game-based learning, Interactive media, Virtual reality, Digital media, Interactive storytelling, Animation, User experience design, Digital environments.

Dr Daniel Torre
Research Interests: Animation, Cinema, Popular culture, Radio, Comics, Interactive animation, Robotics, Critical/cultural plant & nature studies, Process philosophy.

Dr Julienne Van Loon
Research Interests: Creative writing, especially contemporary literary fiction, Personal essays, Creative writing pedagogy, Play, Research policy and practice in the creative arts

Dr Caroline Van de Pol
Research Interests: Creative writing, Narrative

Dr Darrin Verhagen
Research Interests: Perception & cognition in multisensory experience: sound & light, sound & narrative, sound & movement/vibration - AkE Labs: Extreme music - from lowercase to noise, environmental vs musical sound, soundtrack & sound desi

Dr Josephine Vine
Research Interests: Journalism; Journalism History; Cultural studies theory; Urban semiotics

Dr Noel Waite
Research Interests: Design History, Design Studies, Communication Design, Exhibition Design+Curation, Partticipatory Design, UNESCO Creative Cities

Dr Alexandra Wake
Research Interests: Journalism, Journalism education, International journalism, Journalism education as foreign aid, Journalism and government, Journalism and power, Journalism practice, Journalism and trauma, Journalism and suicide, New journalism

Assoc Professor Rowan Wilken
Research Interests: Locative media, Mobile media, Spatial media, Domestic technology use, Theories and practices of everyday life, Place, Social media

Dr Jessica Wilkinson
Research Interests: Contemporary poetry; Poetry and Poetics; Avant-garde and Experimental writing; myth, Contemporary literature; Literary theory

Dr Bradley Wilson
Research Interests: Branding, Brand image transfer effects, Corporate reputation, Sponsorship, Sponsorship crises, Communication and brand effects.

Dr Shaun Wilson
Research Interests: Memory and Place, Western Philosophy, Video Art, Contemporary Art after 1988, New Media, Art of Memory, Mnemonics, Scale (miniaturisation), Western Cinema, Post-Postmodernism.

Dr Douglas Wilson
Research Interests: game design, game feel, creative practice, independent games, folk games, physical games, play studies, dark play, games and the art world, community art, collaborative art, music for games

Dr Emma Witkowski
Research Interests: Game cultures, MMOGs, e-sports, Gender, Intersectionality, Game studies, Professional gaming, Serious leisure, Public gaming, MEGA-events, Play, Ethnography, Qualitative methods, Phenomenological sociology

Dr Rebecca Young
Research Interests: Interactive narrative, Database narrative, Digital storytelling, Online art, Interface design, Visualisation

Property, Construction and Project Management

Dr Mary Myla Andamon
Research Interests: Building science research in thermal comfort studies; thermal performance; energy efficiency and sustainability related to the built environment.

Assoc Professor Guillermo Aranda-Mena
Research Interests: Client driven innovation; Design Management; Building Information Modelling; Applied Design Research; Architectural Briefing and Value Management.

Dr Mehrdad Arashpour
Research Interests: Construction Automation, Civil Engineering Process Optimization, Technology & Materials, Decision Making, Information Technology, Off-site, Productivity & Quality, Residential Projects, Risk analysis, Simulation, Supply Chain

Professor Nick Blismas
Research Interests: Housing production, off-site manufacture, construction OHS

Dr Frank Boukamp
Research Interests: Construction management, Information technology, Knowledge management, Remote sensing applications.

Dr Judith Callanan
Research Interests: Property, Development, Valuation, Investment, Stigma

Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe
Research Interests: Building Information Modelling, facility management, deterioration modelling, sensor networks, wearables, IoT and smart technologies for construction, health and safety, technology adoption, construction digital innovation

Dr Peter Edwards
Research Interests: Project risk management, Value Management, Cost Management, Sustainability, Procurement systems (PPP)

Professor Chris Eves
Research Interests: Rural Property,Property market analysis,Natural disasters and property markets,Valuation, Property investment, Property stigma

Dr Maged Georgy
Research Interests: Risk analysis management, sustainability, performance evaluation and benchmarking, construction simulation, optimization and decision making models, information technology and artificial intelligence applications in project and management.

Dr Ehsan Gharaie
Research Interests: Construction management, production planning in construction, modelling simulation and optimisation, lean construction, housing.

Dr Guinevere Gilbert
Research Interests: Project management, Organisational psychology, Volunteer behaviour, Post disaster project management

Dr Dulani Halvitigala
Research Interests: Property valuation and associated issues, Sustainability in the Built Environment, Corporate real estate and associated issuesIntegrated workplace concepts, Real estate markets in emerging economies

Assoc Professor Jan Hayes
Research Interests: Organisational safety, Disaster causation and prevention, Risk management, Decision making, Professionalism, Expertise, Story-based learning

Dr Sarah Holdsworth
Research Interests: Sustainability, Education, Professional development, Sustainable built environment

Dr Hyemi Hwang
Research Interests: Property market, Property development, Property decision-making

Assoc Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga
Research Interests: Tools for sustainability, Quantitative and qualitative measures, Policy and regulation, Built Environment design/form, Health and comfort, Heritage issues, Education, Post occupancy evaluation, Smart Cities

Assoc Professor Malik Khalfan
Research Interests: Construction management, Project management, Supply chain management in construction industry, Construction procurement, Sustainable construction, Knowledge management in construction industry, Industrial building systems (IBS), Concurrent engineering.

Dr Tiendung Le
Research Interests: Front end (pre-project) planning, Project planning and controls, Risk management, Project-based management, Best practices in project and construction management, Project management in international environments

Dr Rebecca Leshinsky
Research Interests: Built environment law, Land use planning, Heritage preservation, Property Tech Disruptions - finance, law & governance

Dist. Professor Helen Lingard
Research Interests: Occupational health and safety; work-life balance; business ethics and corporate responsibility.

Dr Vanessa McDermott
Research Interests: Organisational causes of accidents and the implications for accident prevention, Sociological theory, Moral panic theory and anti-doping regulation in elite sport

Dr Trivess Moore
Research Interests: Sustainable built environment, Socio-technical transitions, Low carbon cities/buildings, Post-occupancy evaluations, Building monitoring

Dr Nader Naderpajouh
Research Interests: Innovation Sciences, Infrastructure Planning and Policy Design, Socio-economics of Safety, Construction Analytics, Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience, Sustainable Development, Research Methodology

Dr Kersti Nogeste
Research Interests: Project Governance, including- Delivering strategy via projects- Project business cases- The definition and alignment of expected project benefits, outcomes and outputs, particularly intangible outcomes- Mergers and acquisitions (M&As), particular

Mr Geoffrey Outhred
Research Interests: Sustainable development; prefabricated systems for commercial buildings; heritage buildings; project management techniquesl ecological footprint analysis.

Dr Zelinna Pablo
Research Interests: Management and organization theories, Socio-technical systems, Built environments, Information technology, Actor-network theory, Collaboration, Innovation, and change, Housing industry

Dr Farshid Rahmani
Research Interests: Construction procurement, Relational contracting, Relationship-based procurement methods, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Alliances,Public Private Partnership (PPP), Collaborative delivery systems

Assoc Professor Priyadarsini Rajagopalan
Research Interests: Building energy benchmarking and rating, Urban microclimate and outdoor thermal comfort, Natural ventilation and airflow, Urban heat island, Indoor environmental performance of buildings, Lighting, Acoustics, thermal comfort

Dr Wejendra Reddy
Research Interests: Property investment; Asset allocation; Funds management; Superannuation; A-REITs (listed property); Real estate (residential property); Housing market

Dr Amrit Sagoo
Research Interests: My research interest includes maintenance management of social housing stock; construction performance management; construction client management and business delivery; construction claim management and facilities management.

Dr Christina Scott-Young
Research Interests: Project teams, Leadership, Diversity (e.g. age; gender), resilience

Dr Eric Too
Research Interests: Project strategy & governance, Project and organisational capability, Project portfolio management, Project lessons learned & knowledge management, Infrastructure asset management, Sustainability infrastructure asset, Smart & sustainable building

Dr Michelle Turner
Research Interests: Work-life balance, Health and well-being in the construction industry, Resilience of students and project professionals

Professor Ronald Wakefield
Research Interests: Industrialised/open building systems; occupational health and safety; information and process management.

Dr James Pow Chew Wong
Research Interests: Sustainable building designs, Sustainable building materials, Life-cycle assessment, Building performance assessment, Double-skin facade, Natural ventilation, Indoor environment.

Dr Woon-Weng Wong
Research Interests: Economics, Econometrics, Finance, Property, Quantitative analysis, Statistics

Assoc Professor Peter Shek Pui Wong
Research Interests: Organisational learning, Organisational culture, Carbon emission reduction in behavioural aspects, Trust in relational contracting, bounded rationality, Construction dispute resolution.

Dr Jin Hui Woo
Research Interests: Sustainable/green buildings design and operation, Indoor environmental quality (IEQ), Environmental comfort and human behaviour, Post-occupancy evaluation (POE), Evidence-based design.

Dr Rebecca Jing Yang
Research Interests: Research focuses on sustainable building and construction, Lifestyly energy and cost analysis, Occupant behaviour, Indoor environment measurement, Risk, Stakeholder and waste management

Dr Peihua Zhang
Research Interests: Construction work health and safety, Knowledge management in construction, Social psychology in construction


Professor Marcia Devlin
Research Interests: Higher education; Digital education; Student learning; Student equity; Teaching and learning quality; and enhancing the student experience.

Design and Social Context

Dr Lynnel Hoare
Research Interests: Cross cultural effects on education, cross cultural pedagogies, transnational education.

Professor Laurene Vaughan
Research Interests: Reflective practice; design practice, design research, design knowledge, practice based research and pedagogy; space, place, creativity, located practices and new/virtual technologies; phenomenology, the role and construction of individual identity in rel

Design and Social Context College Office

Professor Andrea Chester
Research Interests: Learning and teaching scholarship: peer observation of teaching, student peer mentoring, pedagogy, digital learning; online psychological interventions.

Assoc Professor Karien Dekker
Research Interests: Social cohesion, Urban governance, Community participation, Europe, The Netherlands, Ethnic diversity, Neighbourhood regeneration, Social network analyses, Multi-level regression analysis, Qualitative research, Internationally comparative research, Housin

Ms Kellyann Geurts
Research Interests: Art, Science and the Body - exploring mind patterns and brain function through photographic and digital media.

Professor Ralph Horne
Research Interests: Sustainable developments; planning, policy and design guides and tools, based on the techniques of impact assessment; life cycle assessment and environmental management.

Professor Bruce Wilson
Research Interests: The relationship between learning and work; organisational change and work design; the workplace implications of new technologies, especially in service industry environments.