Sessional teaching at RMIT

Sessional teaching staff at RMIT are an integral part of the University’s learning and teaching practices who are valued for their diverse backgrounds and industry expertise.

At RMIT, sessional teaching staff draw on their expertise to inspire and support students to achieve their best in life and work. This site provides information about policies, amenities and opportunities at RMIT, along with how to develop your knowledge and skills about learning and teaching.

As a sessional teaching staff member at RMIT, you may undertake a range of teaching activities, including:

  • designing and delivering an entire course
  • teaching a course established by a colleague
  • working as tutors, under the direction of a supervisor
  • teaching in place of a full time staff member.

Learning and teaching at RMIT is underpinned by the strategic plan, Ready for Life and Work: Shaping RMIT to 2020, as well as relevant policies and procedures. The organisational structure comprises eight portfolio groups and there are three academic colleges and 17 schools .

College Learning and Teaching and Academic Development Groups provide expertise and services to support the development of staff capabilities and teaching practices. Each college also has its own guide to sessional teaching with college specific information.