Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

The Curriculum and Material Development for International Management and Leadership Courses for RMIT Vietnam, RMIT Melbourne and RMIT Affiliation in Singapore

Project Leaders

Dr Nattavud Pimpa

Project Summary

This project aims to develop curriculum structure and learning and teaching materials that improve students’ learning experience in ‘International Management’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ courses at RMIT Melbourne, RMIT Vietnam and a partner institution in Singapore. The investigators aim to develop:

  • Curriculum structures of ‘International Management’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ courses that maintain consistency of students’ learning and outcomes across three locations;
  • Learning and teaching materials and assessment practice that reflect the needs of relevant industries in all countries and improve the employability of RMIT University graduates; and c) Initiatives that increase the availability of courses for students and support the flow of both students and staff between Melbourne, Vietnam and Singapore.

The project was designed to support RMIT University’s strategy to become a global university. By working closely with students and teaching staff, new curricula and learning packages have been developed to increase the employability of RMIT University graduates, according to the demand of global and local industries. As a pilot project that links industry, academics, and students in three strategic countries for RMIT University, this project can serve as a model or guideline for other course coordinators who wish to offer their course at overseas campuses.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research was adopted. In the qualitative component of the study, Phase 1, researchers interviewed a selection of key respondents. The quantitative questionnaire, Phase 2, was used as a secondary method to address respondents’ views on the curriculum components.


  • New curricula and learning and teaching materials were developed for both courses based upon the involvement of key stakeholders of these courses.
  • The project outcomes were disseminated through the College of Business, School of Management research seminars and International Conferences in Learning and Teaching.
  • A proper and consistent curriculum structure and ‘student and teacher course package’ for ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘International Management’ that can be implemented effectively in Melbourne, Vietnam, and Singapore were developed.
  • Sustainable support mechanisms for students and teaching staff exchange between the countries were put in place.

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