Recorded lectures

Advice on how to ensure recorded lectures are compliant with copyright legislation and educational licence requirements.

Using images

Depending on the source, there are certain conditions that you must meet before using images in a recorded lecture.

Images from books, journal articles and the web

You must add the image and its reference details to eReserve. Images registered with eReserve can be used for learning and teaching purposes with any password-protected teaching technology.

PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint slides from publishers will generally require the permission of the publisher. Contact for help.

Open licence images

Whenever possible, source open licence images, such as Creative Commons, for your lectures and presentations. You can use open licence images freely within the terms of the licence. Find out more from:

Using videos

There are conditions you must meet when using YouTube videos and TV programs in a recorded lecture.

You must use videos from a legitimate publisher

Check if the video was uploaded by a company, institution, organisation or society (for example IEEE, Learn Petroleum Engineering, Real Engineering), or if it was published by a person who recorded the original content.

Tip: YouTube shows the name of the publisher under the video title:

The publisher is available under the video title.

You must play videos from the YouTube website

There is no blanket educational licence that allows you to download and clip YouTube videos. If you download any videos, you will be in breach of YouTube's Terms of Service.

You must only use TV programs after they've been broadcast

Make sure that TV programs you want to use were screened on TV before they were uploaded to YouTube.

Tip: Source your videos from the Library's film and TV databases for use in learning and teaching. See also guides to linking and embedding videos, playlists and clips from the Library databases.

Academic integrity

Good academic practice is to reference sources at the time of use. All images and videos used in recorded lectures must be referenced correctly.

To find out more about referencing, visit Referencing and EndNote on the Library's website or contact your Liaison Librarian for advice.

Copyright advice

Contact us for further information or advice on copyright. We can also check any YouTube videos to make sure they are legitimate videos.