Industry video case studies/interviews

We have built a repository of learning objects that are primarily video case study/interviews. This repository stores videos and provides a space where staff can access the material for teaching.

What is in the repository

The learning objects are responses to interview questions or segments of information extracted from presentations by industry leaders. There is a mix of interviews of industry leaders from across Business areas.

When you visit the repository, you will see video of industry leaders such as:

  1. The CEO and section heads of Jones Lang LaSalle in Beijing
  2. Managing Director of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong
  3. Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria
  4. Founder of Boost Juice

There are approximately 200 learning objects in the repository.

Amanda Scott, Managing Director,
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong

Christine Nixon,
Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria




How to access the repository

The repository is accessed through this link with a user name and password of “test” and “podcast”

Once you have found an object for use in your course, you can paste the link into Blackboard.


Elements of the interface

The interface design has evolved with the following considerations of:

  1. Ability to have the text accompany the video
  2. The player is a standard plugin for web browsers
  3. The minimum bandwidth required is 256Kbits/sec

The audio transcript area was added to the interface following feedback from students with English as a second language as well as meeting the needs of those with audio difficulties.

There is a description of the video clip, duration of the clip and a web link for inclusion in Blackboard.

The diagram shows the individual elements of the interface.

  1. Video area
  2. Audio transcript
  3. Description
  4. Duration
  5. Link to embed in Blackboard



How to use the repository

Once you have logged in to the site with “test” and “podcast”, use the scroll bar on the left to look at the broad category of learning objects that are available.

For example, the diagram above titled “Elements of Interface” shows a resource in the menu on the topic of “Vision” featuring David Hand.

When you select a clip, a synopsis of the resource is available. In the example above, the description is “David Hand describes how he sells the vision and mission to staff and other stakeholders using the 'arrow' and 'arrow head' metaphor.

The user can copy the link from this page and place the link into the Blackboard for the course. When students access the link from the Blackboard they will see only that page.