Managing the student experience and outcomes

The administration of the student experience is a partnership between the administrative and teaching staff within schools and covers matters such as:

  • Timetabling
  • Management of results
  • Graduation and awards

Program Managers need to review timetables and advise of adjustments required. Adjustments might be an addition of a new program or course, deletion of a course that will not be delievered or a change in expected student numbers. For initial support please email Timetabling, for further support contact your College Engagement Team located at Timetable and Venue Hire.

In order to graduate students must have:

  • Met all academic requirements for the program
  • No missing results or credit transfers
  • No financial debt owing to the University

An award (testamur) is the official University certificate which confirms completion of an award course of study. Students receive a testamur upon conferral of their program.

Policies and procedures




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