Smart stuff

A platform to share your ideas

When you have an idea on how to make your work day simpler, smarter or more efficient, Smart Stuff is your new ideas platform - available to every staff member.

Smart Stuff is easy to use. Simply log in with your staff credentials and you’ll be able to see what others are posting, vote if you see an idea you like, comment and share your own ideas.

The Smart Stuff team has been established to harness your insights, and a Steering Committee will support the delivery of tangible improvements.

New features include:

  • Ability to vote on others ideas enabling crowdsourcing of the brightest ideas
  • Two way communication to foster more collegiality and enable co-creation of solutions
  • Ability to sort and search ideas
  • Live status updates on your idea
  • Better visibility and communication of improvement work across RMIT.

When you encounter tasks and processes that appear unnecessary, or if you have an innovative idea, share it!

Contact the team

Contact the team at

Program sponsorship and governance

Smart Stuff is sponsored by Chief Operating Officer & VP Resources

The Smart Stuff team includes:

Executive Sponsor

Dionne Higgins Chief Operating Officer, & VP Resources

Steering Committee

Dionne Higgins - Chief Operating Officer & VP Resources 

Ashley Faletic - Executive Director Communications 

Jason Haney -   Program Portfolio Manager, Office of the COO

Mia Shaw - Resources Communications, VP Resources 

Sue Bolt - Director, Planning and Resources DVC Education

Smart Stuff Team

Mia Shaw, Resources Communications, VP Resources

Trevor Macguire, Manager

Sama Hugo-Giali, Coordinator