Resources for your students

Connect your students with services and information that will enhance their employability and enterprise skills.

In a competitive and evolving global workplace, it is vital that students graduate with a qualification and professional and business skills to ensure they are work-ready and attractive to prospective employers.

You can support your students to develop these skills by promoting the opportunities and resources that are available and by embedding employability into your curriculum. Students can also be encouraged to undertake an elective that supports career development and business skills to complement their program of study.

Work and study opportunities

  • Career advice and jobs – Services and tools to help students build employment skills, prepare job applications, and find work opportunities.
  • Work Integrated Learning – Information for students to facilitate and support Work Integrated Learning activities.
  • Global study and work – Overseas work and study opportunities give students the opportunity to build knowledge and skills in a cross-cultural setting, giving them a competitive edge in their career development. All RMIT students are eligible to apply and students will be able to complete their program in the same amount of time.

Online tools and resources

  • Careers Toolkit – Supports students through each stage of their program to develop their employability skills, including advice and resources to help them to plan their career, search for jobs, and apply for work.
  • Business Skills – A set of self-paced modules designed to develop a student’s business skills, including innovation and entrepreneurship, intercultural competence, and emotional intelligence. Students are encouraged to start these modules in their first year of study.
  • Business Barometer – A business discipline-based resource providing insights and thought-leadership about what’s happening in professions and related workplaces.
  • Learning Lab – Resources to help students improve their general academic study, writing and maths skills.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular involvement in sports, hobbies and volunteering are essential in developing skills and experience, giving students the edge when applying for jobs.

  • Events and workshops – Events designed to help students develop employment skills, gain industry insights from employers and stand out at interviews.
  • Future Edge – A University wide program to enhance key employability skills by providing a gateway for students to employability activities across the University and in the wider community.
  • Clubs and activities – Students can join clubs and get involved in activities that promote leadership, community development, and volunteering.
  • Mentoring – Opportunities for students to connect with an industry mentor who can provide support and advice to help the transition from study to work.

Enterprise activities

A range of programs, events and funding opportunities designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship are available for students across the University.

Electives and short courses

  • University electives – Students enrolled in a higher education undergraduate program are encouraged to undertake electives from across the colleges that support the development of employability and enterprise skills.
  • Courses for self employment – The Business Enterprise Unit offers a number of electives and short courses designed to provide skills for self-employment.
  • Short and single courses in Business – Short courses are available to build business and management skills.

Student contacts

  • RMIT Connect student support – Students seeking further career guidance and support should contact RMIT Connect who can put them in touch with the appropriate support service.