Content types instruction


Instruction statement

The content type instruction outlines how content types are to be used in the RMIT Content Management System (CMS). This instruction should always be followed when adding content to the RMIT website.


This policy does not apply to:

  • RMIT applications or systems outside of the main RMIT website CMS
  • Websites that have no relationship to RMIT (for example, personal or private sites)

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



1. Defining content types

1.1. A content type is a template tailored to deliver a specific kind of content onto a website (for example, a news article, programs listing, or different media such as images and video). A content type is made up of fields called elements. These must be completed by a Web Editor in order for the content to be displayed on the RMIT website. A full list of the content types exists in the Content types matrix.

1.2. Individual elements within a content type are used to:

  • add content to a page or a part of the page, such as an image caption
  • push content to other devices and channels such as mobile websites or social media accounts, applying the principle of Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE)
  • set alerts for Web Editors to review content or archive and/or delete content
  • enter metadata, such as keywords

Content Creator, Web Editor, Web Manager


2. Modifying, deleting or creating new content types
2.1. Maintaining a central approved suite of content types ensures there is consistent, up to date, quality content across the main web presence, including multiple channels and devices.
2.2. Content types represented in the Content types matrix must not be altered without approval by Digital and Customer Experience Strategy.
2.3. Requests to modify, create or delete a content type should be directed to Senior Manager Content, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy.

Senior Manager Content, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy

As required

3. Content types listing
3.1. Contact Digital and Customer Experience Strategy to request a list of content types and their elements.

Site Editor, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy

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