04 September 2013

myRMIT: simple, reliable and truly global

An upgrade of myRMIT student portal on 25 September will give our students simple, reliable and 24/7 access to online information and services.

The new design meets accessibility standards and will be easier to navigate, particularly on mobile devices. Content will also be tailored to each student cohort, wherever they are and whatever they are studying.

The portal will be delivered via a more stable platform, making it reliable and easier to support. This platform is the same content management system that will eventually be used to transform the RMIT website. It also ensures the look and feel accurately reflect RMIT’s brand identity.

A campaign to promote the upgrade of myRMIT to students starts soon, while a range of engagement and communication channels will be used to promote the changes to staff.

If you have any queries, please contact the Program Manager, Lyn Hall or check the project’s Google site.

[Source: Brian Clark, ITS]