Case studies: Business

This elective was offered for the first time in semester two, 2010. The class was capped at 25 students with unmet demand. The majority of the students enrolled were music, art or media degree students. The course enables students to acquire capabilities to run their own small business in areas such as freelancing, design consultancy, visual or performing art. The course also has value for students who wish to work in the public or not for profit sectors.

The elective allows students to research and develop an integrated business plan to achieve business goals and objectives. The students develop and implement a legal and risk management strategy to comply with business, legal and administrative requirements such as copyright, intellectual property, trade practices, OH&S, business registration, insurance and taxation.

Students were appreciative of the opportunity to learn and apply financial management strategies such as basic accounting, budgets, cash flows and financial performance. This elective was extremely popular and student responses indicate overwhelming support for its content and delivery. This elective will be offered in 2011 as a core course in the Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) degree. It will also be mapped against the Certificate IV in Small Business Management. It is anticipated that students undertaking this elective will qualify for this award in the future.

Comments from students in 2010:

This subject has covered a huge range of areas regarding the creation, organisation and management of running your own small business. We have covered a lot of content in a short period of time, and the topics discussed have often been quite testing. However, I have now gained an in-depth knowledge into the logistics of implementing strategies, concepts and financials into the running of a small business. If I one day do start my own business I hope to draw on the knowledge and experience gained from taking Business Skills for Creative Industries. Thank you for running an insightful and educative semester.

- Student, Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry)