Probation appeal instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction aims to provide managers and academic staff members guidance in relation to the process of probation appeal.

This instruction applies to academic staff members employed on a continuing or fixed term basis.


Vocational Education, Child Care, Professional, Executive staff members or casual Academic staff members.

Instruction steps and actions

Probation appeal instructions

Academic staff members can the appeal decision not to confirm employment (on the basis of breach of process only) and can request the decision to be reviewed by an independent reviewer or a Probation Appeals Committee.

If the staff member fails to choose between an independent reviewer and Probation Appeals Committee, the matter will be referred to an independent reviewer.

Appeal committee composition

  • Vice-Chancellor’s nominee (Chairperson);
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor of the academic staff member’s College, or nominee;
  • One elected academic staff representative.


The committee chair/independent reviewer is to request any relevant documents from the Vice-Chancellor, the manager and Human Resources, including:

  • The Probation meeting forms / documentation from the manager;
  • The assessment and recommendation by Human Resources; and
  • The staff member’s workplan.

Human Resources will:

  • Organise the Probation appeal, including any committee meetings;
  • Inform the probationary staff member of the panel composition or the independent reviewer and invite the probationary staff member to make a submission to the committee/independent reviewer; and
  • If required, invite the manager and/or delegated authority to make a submission to the committee/independent reviewer.

The Probation appeal committee/independent reviewer will:

  • Review the assessments made by the manager and Human Resources;
  • Seek and consider further clarification and documentation from the manager or delegated authority; and
  • Consider the probationary staff member’s submission to the committee/independent reviewer.

The Probation appeal committee/independent reviewer must decide whether the probation process has been adhered to and thus make the decision to:

  • Confirm employment;
  • Not confirm employment; or
  • Extend the probation period (ensuring the total probation period does not exceed 3 years).

For further information, refer to the induction and probation procedure.

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