2013 RMIT Teaching Award winners

Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr Ingo Karpen

Economics, Finance and Marketing

For inspiring students to be co-creators of their learning environment with strong industry partnerships and the development of curricula informed by educational research.

Teaching Excellence, Higher Education

College of Business

Dr Constantino Stavros

School of Economics, Finance & Marketing

For sustained excellence in student-centred teaching practice aligned with industry engagement, innovation and practical applications of knowledge in the field of Marketing.

College of Design and Social Context

Mr Stephen Banham

School of Media and Communication

For leading by example in building the attitude of curiosity into the learning experience so as to push beyond the known and the possible.

College of Science, Engineering and Health

Dr David Mitchell

School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences

For sustained excellence in teaching practice and industry engagement that fosters work-ready graduates.

Early Career Academic (Higher Education)

Dr Ingo Karpen

School of Economics, Finance and Marketing

For inspiring a passion among students to engage with their peers, staff and industry partners to co-create exciting learning experiences and excellent learning outcomes.


Dr Mathew Currell

School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering


Dr Michelle Turner

School of Property, Construction and Project Management

Teaching a Diverse Student Body

Mr Allan Thomas

School of Media and Communication

For a sustained and student-centred approach that builds on the diversity of the student cohort to produce engaged and critical scholarship in Media and Communication.

Teaching Excellence, TAFE

Outstanding Teacher / Trainer of the Year Award

Dr Ejanul Haque

School of Life and Physical Sciences

For sustained commitment to making Mathematics relevant and understandable in vocational courses.

Early Career Teacher / Trainer of the Year Award

Mrs Leeana Chaouki

School of Fashion and Textiles

For early career commitment to outstanding vocational outcomes in Fashion and Textiles through industry knowledge and innovative practice.

Outstanding Training Initiative of the Year Award

Mrs Tina Guglielmino

Mrs Rhonda Ingwersen

Mrs Mandy Penton

Mrs Virginia Yarnton

Mrs Tina Marino

Mrs Julie Wood

Mrs Leeana Chaouki

Ms Anna Juracich

Mr Douglas McManus

Ms Lucy Adam

Mrs Cathy Chen

Mrs Hoa Pham

Mrs Betty Kanzurovski

Mrs Laura Holmes-Brown

Mr Mark Reid

Mrs Dawn Taylor

Ms Kirsty Gorter

Ms Yolanda Rios

School of Fashion and Textiles

For a student centred, live, international, online project that developed student skills in communications, design and cultural differences which are utilized in the global fashion industry.


Mr Brett Stavenuiter

Ms Helen Dougiakis

Ms Katie Crandon

Mr Anthony Hasell

Business TAFE School

Sessional Staff

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (Higher Education)

Ms Lynda Roberts

School of Architecture and Design

For consistent action-based student learning opportunities that introduce and connect students with design as a socially engaged practice linked with industry and community partners.

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (TAFE)

Mr Darryn Brown

School of Engineering (TAFE)

For an approach to teaching that encourages apprentices and pre-apprentices in the belief that their own learning is not only possible but enjoyable.

Programs that Enhance Student Learning

Widening Participation

Ms Miranda Bryant

Business TAFE School

For embedding language and literacy on-demand in a classroom training program as a Contextualised Content Substructure, for greater student accessibility and increased participation.

Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with other organisations

Dr Andrew Gilbert

Dr Jeffrey King

School of Education

For sustaining high quality science teacher education by partnering pre-service teachers with Victorian schools for a more authentic and mutually beneficial experience.


Mr Alain Grossbard

Business TAFE School

For the implementation of industry integrated learning and teaching approach through the practice of incorporating ‘real-life’ projects in partnership and collaboration with external organisations.

The First Year Experience

Ms Karli Lukas

Ms Bronwyn Clarke

Dr David Carlin

Ms Rachel Wilson

Dr Lucy Morieson

Ms Natalie Araujo

School of Media and Communication

For devising a clear, holistic narrative of inclusion and belonging for students and staff within a school at RMIT University.

Flexible Learning and Teaching

Dr Danilla Grando

School of Applied Sciences

For the creation of a flexible program of study that is learner-centred, encourages self-directed learning and opens a pathway for students interested in learning science


Ms Hazel Sims

Business TAFE School

For developing the eConference project in a way that suited learner’s needs, maximising the use of technology to provide flexibility in time and space.

Innovation in Curriculum Learning and Teaching Award

Dr Carol Tan

School of Management

For commitment to improve entrepreneurship curriculum and student learning by engaging in authentic learning activities, strategically leveraging the use of applied research and guest speakers.


Ms Victoria Versteege

Mrs Jenny Crowley

Mrs Jennifer Woods

Mr John Perperis

Mr Chris Job

Miss Lindsey Glover

Miss Nancy Everingham

School of Architecture and Design

For a program that has embodied innovation and utilised the potential of new and emerging technologies in novel ways that encourage excellence in teaching and learning.

Postgraduate Education

Dr Sue Reynolds

Dr Paul Mercieca

Ms Bernadette Welch

A/Prof. Peter Macauley

Mr Huan Vo-Tran

Mr John Terrell

Prof. Nilmini Wickramasinghe

School of Business IT & Logistics

For a program designed to produce work-ready, passionate graduates, already engaged with their discipline, in order to enhance career satisfaction and sustainability of the profession.

Services Supporting Student Learning

Mr Andrew Brown

Dr Kitty Vivekananda

Ms Ursula Gee

Student Services

For facilitating the academic success and retention of students at risk of disengagement from their studies by connecting them to learning supports.

Indigenous Education

Ms Sonja Cleary

Dr Heather Pisani

Professor Eleanor Holroyd

Mrs Rachel Cardwell

Mr Stuart McFarlane

School of Health Sciences

For the presentation of Indigenous health courses designed to enhance the awareness of Indigenous health issues which utilise interdisciplinary frameworks recognising Indigenous history and culture.