Australian Technology Network grants

RMIT University is a member institution of The Australian Technology Network (ATN). The ATN has established a collaborative grants scheme for Excellence in Learning and Teaching to provide funding to facilitate scholarship and research into learning and teaching, and promote systemic change in the sector.

Objectives of the ATN Strategic Initiative Grants

The ATN Strategic Initiative Grants have the following objectives:

  • promote and support strategic change within the ATN and higher education for the enhancement of learning and teaching, and the benefit of the student experience;
  • raise the profile and encourage recognition of the fundamental importance of teaching and learning in higher education institutions and in the general community;
  • develop effective mechanisms for the identification, development, dissemination and embedding of good individual and institutional practice in learning and teaching in the ATN and Australian higher education;
  • develop and support reciprocal ATN and national arrangements for the purpose of sharing and benchmarking learning and teaching processes;
  • develop and enhance a deep understanding and knowledge of the learning process appropriate to the disciplines being taught; and
  • build leadership capacity in ways that promote and advance learning and teaching within the ATN and Australian higher education.


  • Full-time, part-time and sessional academic and professional staff who are actively involved in learning and teaching related activities are eligible to apply for the Strategic Initiative Grants.
  • Applicants must be employees of an Australian Technology Network (ATN) institution (RMIT University, Curtin University, Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia, and University of Technology Sydney).
  • At least one other ATN institution must be a partner on the grant application.
  • The grant application may include partner institutions which are not ATN members where a financial contribution (either cash and/or in-kind) is incorporated within the project.
  • Lead applicants will be required to provide a statement from their Head of School/Department/unit regarding their ‘capacity to successfully undertake the project’.

Call for proposals for 2018 funding

Shortly, the ATN will call for applications for Strategic Initiative Grants from academic and professional staff to investigate, discover, develop and implement innovations in learning and teaching in higher education. A maximum of $470,000 is available for Strategic Initiative Grants (up to $235,000 per Strategic Initiative Grant). The duration of Strategic Initiative projects is one year.

Priority areas for 2018 grant funding

There are only two priority areas for 2018 grant funding. The first area will be open to all applicants. The second area is a commissioned grant.

  1. Work integrated learning (WIL) and Employability: This priority may include:
    • establishing sustainable approaches to enabling collaborative partnerships with students with industry and community;
    • redesigning the curriculum to ensure coherent integration of WIL across a course(s);
    • preparing work ready graduates;
    • students engaging in authentic experiences of professional service or workplace practice (including such things as placements, industry projects, clinical practicum, simulations, role - plays, university-based projects);
    • preparing graduates to be globally employable in the light of the changing workforce;
    • enabling collaborative partnerships with students, industry and community throughout the process of change and transformation; and/or
    • delivering learning outcomes that prepare students for future employment and how to embed this in the curriculum.

  1. Learning analytics – commissioned grant: This priority area will be a commissioned project area on learning analytics comprising of a group identified by the DVCAs representing all ATN universities. The group has been asked to present a proposal for a project up to $100,000.


The application dates for the ATN Strategic Initiative Grants will be released shortly. So start getting your ideas ready now. Below is the timeline for the ATN Strategic Initiative Grants.




Monday, 14 August 2017

Start preparing responses for EOI form* (see below)


Date to be advised

ATN grant application workshop/webinar


Friday 8 September 2017 (5.00pm AEST)

Submit completed EOI form* (see below)


Monday 18 September 2017

Feedback on EOIs


Friday 13 October 2017 (5.00pm AEST)

Completed applications due in full


Friday 20 October 2017 (5.00pm AEST)

RMIT Learning and Teaching Academy will submit the final signed ATN 2018 grants to the ATN on behalf of applicants


Mid December 2017

ATN will notify successful grant recipients

2018 ATN Strategic Initiative Grants Expression of Interest Form:

Please note that you will need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form by Monday 11 September 2017 in order to participate in the round.

The key areas to complete on the EOI form are:

  • Proposed project title (15 words maximum)
  • Project leader details
  • Addresses ATN Strategic Initiative grant priority area ‘Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Employability’
  • Intended ATN partner Institution(s)
  • Proposed research team
  • Aim of the project and how it aligns with RMIT institutional priorities
  • Major activities and outputs of the project
  • Intended impacts of the project and their institutional relevance for RMIT
  • An indication that you have discussed the research idea with the Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching (or equivalent)/Manager in your work area.

It might be beneficial to initially develop your responses to the sections in a separate word document, and then copy and paste your responses into the EOI form. Please submit your 2018 ATN Strategic Initiative Grants Expression of Interest Form by Monday 11 September.

Further details

Further information about the ATN Grant Scheme is provided here:

If you have any queries, please contact:
Dr Julie Willems
RMIT Learning and Teaching Academy
(03) 9925 4298