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Science, Engineering and Health

Dr Pauline Joan McCabe

Key activities

  • Course coordination – OHTH2142 Wellness and Lifestyle, the foundation course for the Graduate Diploma in Wellness program.


PhD, Master of Health Science (Primary Health Care), Dip. Naturopathy, Dip. Acupuncture, Cert. Aromatherapy

Policy and regulation related to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

Industry experience

  • National Wellness Institute of Australia – full member:
  • Dept. of Human Services, Victoria – Appointed to the Chinese Medicine Registration Board’s Hearing Panel List for formal and informal hearings.
  • Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists – Member of the Steering Committee to establish the Register:
  • Complementary Health Care Education – over the last two decades Dr McCabe has been involved in the development of complementary medicine education courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Australian universities and private colleges. These include RMIT University, La Trobe University, Southern Cross University, Southern School of Natural Therapies and Nature Care College.
  • Complementary therapies in nursing practice
  • Dr McCabe has also been very active in the development of guidelines and position statements for various nursing registration boards and professional bodies on the integration of complementary therapies into nursing practice.
  • University of New England, School of Health. Member of the External Advisory Committee for Western Herbal Medicine courses.

Research overview

Research has focused on regulatory issues for complementary medicine and the theory and philosophy of natural medicine.

Participation in research groups and projects

La Trobe University/Dept of Human Services Victoria: Project management for research team that produced the 2005 report ‘The practice and regulatory requirements of naturopathy and Western herbal medicine in Australia’.



  • 2005, The Practice and Regulatory Requirements of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. Co-authors: Prof. Vivian Lin (Head of Project), Prof. Alan Bensoussan, Prof. Stephen Myers, Prof. Marc Cohen, Ms Sophie Hill, Ms Genevieve Howse. School of Public Health, La Trobe University. Funded by Department of Human Services, Victoria. Available online.
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to the project. Co-authored with Prof. V. Lin.
    • Chapter 5: Tertiary education in naturopathy and Western herbal medicine. A survey of education providers in Australia. (PMcC - Sole researcher).
    • Chapter 6: Representation of practitioners of naturopathy and Western herbal medicine by professional associations. A survey of professional associations in Australia. (PMcC - Sole researcher).
    • Chapter 7: Institutional recognition of naturopathy and Western herbal medicine in Australia. An informal of survey of major government and non-government institutions. (PMcC - Sole researcher).
    • Chapter 11: Assessing the need and options for regulation. Assessment of research findings against the AHMAC criteria, and making recommendations. Co-authored with Prof. Vivian Lin and Ms Genevieve Howse.

Journal Articles (refereed)

  • 2009, The practice and regulatory requirements of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia. Lin V, McCabe P, Bensoussan A, Myers S, Cohen M, Hill S, Howse G, Risk Management and Health Care Policy 2, 21–33. Available online.
  • 2008, Education in naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia: Results of a survey of education providers. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 14(3):168-175. Available online.
  • 2005, Complementary and alternative medicine in Australia: a contemporary overview. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 11(1):28-31. (Invited article). Available online
  • 1995, Exploring the Phenomenon of Healing: Healing as a Health Capacity. Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2(1):13-23.

Articles (non-refereed)

  • 2004, Complementary therapies education: how much is enough? ACCNS Journal for Community Nurses 9(1):17.
  • 2004, Alternatives for nursing students. Nursing Review, January, p.15.
  • 2003, Teaching complementary health nursing to undergraduate nursing students. Nursing Review, December, p.19.
  • 2001, Nursing and naturopathy at La Trobe: the challenge of multiparadigm education. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 7:361-362. Available online.
  • 2001, Nursing and naturopathy: the challenge of multiparadigm education. Australian Nursing Journal 8(8):36. Available online.

Professional Documents

  • 2009, Code of Ethics. Chinese Medicine Registration Board (member of the Code of Ethics Committee)
  • 2002, Guidelines for use of Complementary Therapies in Nursing Practice, 2nd ed. Nurses Board of Victoria (member of the Review Committee).
  • 1999, Complementary Therapies in Australian Nursing Practice. Position Statement (2nd edn). Royal College of Nursing, Australia. Co-authored with Professor Bev Taylor. RCNA, Canberra.
  • 1999, Guidelines for use of Complementary Therapies in Nursing Practice (2nd edn). Nurses Board of Victoria. Co-authored with Review Committee.

Book - Content Editor

  • 2001, Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery: from vision to practice. Ausmed Publications, Melbourne.

Book Chapters

  • 2003, Complementary therapies. In Palliative Care Nursing: a guide to practice. Ausmed Publications, Melbourne. Chapter 18. Co-authored with Amanda Kenny.
  • 2001, Nursing and complementary therapies, a natural partnership. In P. McCabe (Ed.), Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery: from vision to practice. Ausmed Publications, Melbourne. Chapter One.
  • 1996, Clinical Perspective. In Prof. B. Taylor (Ed). Complementary Therapies and Australian Nursing Practice. Royal College of Nursing Australia, Canberra. Chapter Six.


Keynote Addresses

  • 2012, International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, invited speaker on the topic 'Wellness, a philosophy for aromatherapy?' Melbourne, September 2012.
  • 2003, Creating a new vision of health and wellness: the role of nurses in the practice of complementary health care. Launch of the Complementary Health Care Centre, Perth Central TAFE by the Minister of Health, the Hon. Bob Kucera MLA. Invited speaker.