New Generation Learning Spaces for RMIT: A College of Business perspective

This publication is the first of a series of resources to be developed to build an understanding of the significance of New Generation Learning Spaces at RMIT, and in particular their impact on learning and teaching practice in the College of Business.

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Learning in Innovative Spaces

This booklet, the second in a series produced by the College of Business Academic development Group, provides you with an introduction to many of the learning spaces designed for the SAB. The architectural images are accompanied by detailed functional descriptions, and summaries of supported learning modes and levels of interactivity and collaboration.

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Teaching in Innovative Spaces

A summary of professional development opportunities for staff in the College of Business.

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The impact of new learning spaces on teaching practice - a literature review

A summary of recent literature about the challenges and opportunities offered by innovative learning space and technology design.

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Transition by Design - The SAB Professional Development Project 2012

This report describes the professional development program undertaken to facilitate a smooth transition to the SAB learning spaces. The report includes discussion of the project design, resources developed and early evaluation findings.

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Teaching Excellence - Implementing the SAB vision

The case studies in this report exemplify the transfoirmation in teaching that resulted from academics and teachers recognising and responding to the potential of the SAB learning spaces.

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