27 October 2015

Emily Moss, Exchange to Leeds Beckett University, England

Emily spent three months at Leeds Becket University, London. Emily was able to expand her knowledge on criminal justice whilst also travel with many new international friends that she made.

"Stay on top of your work, don’t leave it too the end."

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Arts (Criminal justice Administration)

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: London, England

I went on exchange in hope of experiencing a different culture, making worldwide friends, and expanding my knowledge of criminal justice in an international setting. My three months at Leeds Beckett University were some of the best of my life, I got everything I wanted out of this experience, and so much more! Prior to my studies, I travelled around western and central Europe for 1 month, as well as doing a few short trips to Scotland, Hungary and parts of England during my semester! Living in England made it so easy to see so many new places, and I made friends with people from all over the world. Living with other local students was definitely my highlight, I now feel so much more confident, and have made some incredible friendships! Every day was exciting and I learnt so many things, more than just at uni! I can't wait to go back after I graduate from RMIT.

Exchange in London, England

Image by exchange student Emily Moss