Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013 successful applicants

Name of Project Leader(s)

College/ Portfolio


Project title


Cheryl Underwood

Science, Engineering and Health

Life and Physical Sciences

Teething Problems: Embedding ‘New Generation’ OHS into the Dental Assisting Program


Kristy Dean

Science, Engineering and Health

SEH College Office

A Science Capstone: Developing, evidencing and measuring graduate attributes through the In2science peer mentoring experience


Danillo Grando

Science, Engineering and Health

Applied Sciences

Science Upfront: Engaging students in science by providing advanced standing in Higher Education through VCE program delivery


Marcus McDonald

Science, Engineering and Health

Medical Sciences

Embedding 3D simulation into curriculum: Developing, integrating and sharing web-based resources for simulated learning


Sonja Cleary

Science, Engineering and Health

Heath Sciences

Indigenous Health: Respect for culture, responding to needs, readiness of engagement


Glenn Blair and Clare Renner

Design and Social Context

Media and Communication

Development of online toolkit for blended and online delivery for industry and campus based delivery


Ronnie Egan

Design and Social Context

Global, Urban and Social Studies

Supporting and enhancing international and local CALD students experiences of professional work based learning


Terry Johal and Browyn Clarke

Design and Social Context

Media and Communication

First things First: Transition and Transformation of the student cohort experience, in the creative disciplines


Berenice Nyland

Design and Social Context


Inclusive teaching project stage two: embedding argument mapping instruction into three courses with a high proportion of ESL students in Melbourne, Saigon and Hanoi


Paul Battersby

Design and Social Context

Global, Urban and Social Studies

Designing innovative multimedia learning objects for Global Studies programs to enhance student comprehension of globalisation concepts and facilitate inclusive online teaching


Barbara de la Harpe, Kym Fraser and Tembi Mason

Design and Social Context

DSC College Office

Transforming teaching practice through PD for NGLSs


Margaret Jackson


Graduate School of Business and Law

Assessing Industry Experience as part of entry requirements for a Masters coursework program


Joan Richardson


Business IT and Logistics

Inverting the Curriculum: Using Design as a Catalyst for Engaging students in creative business information systems problem solving


Cathy Hall


Academic Development Group

Enabling the implementation of the SAB vision through learning design that uses a range of mobile devices and associated communication technologies to address the individual needs of business disciplines